Shu Uemura Art of Hair

Shu Uemura have a snazzy range of Hair Products (which can be viewed here. Shu Uemura does hair? Well, all the Japanese ladies I know do have banging hair. There is the Shampoo, Conditioner range, and also the styling range. With the styling range, the first concept is to – Unify – with a Depsea product (spritz) that smooths the hair pre styling. Then one Creates and Perfects with a range of styling products, that […]

Too Faces Galaxy VS Nars Eyeshadows

Boots had a great offer on buy any two products from Urban Decay or Too Faced and get £5 off. So I invested in the Galaxy Collection (anything else from Too Faced can probably be found on Ebay for a fraction of the price): I did some swatches to compare the Too Faced collection to the possible Nars equivalents. With NARS, the colours are black generally but have another colour pushing through. With Too Faced […]

Guerlain Loose Kohls

When I catch onto a fad, I don’t do things by halves. After seeing the great reviews of Guerlain Loose Kohls, I purchased a few colours: We have Noir – BlackBrun – er, Brown, quite a warm toned oneBleu – Blue, almost a aqua teal shade. Limited Shades – Oriental Bronze – A cool greeny khaki, verrrryy purdy. Oriental Metal – Another coolish taupey colour. Swatches: The swatch doesn’t show the glittery, shimmery quality of […]

Sofina UV Lucent

As I get older I worry about the dreaded sun and wrinkles – so Sunscreen protection was something to consider. I own Clinqiue City block SPF 30, which resembles a greyish thick white cream, that leaves you looking like a corpse. I own RMK’s sunscreen,SPF 30, which is nice without a colour cast but is still thick, so it has to go on top, or under cream, foundation, primer etc. etc. So everyone directed me […]

Bobbi Brown Palettes – Nudes, Raspberry and Beige, Beige, Beige

Seeing as Bobbi Brown cheered me up last Friday, I decided to treat myself to a few of her goodies.. I know that I slagged her nude collection off, but since it was on HK Facial Shop for £27 (as opposed to the £40 UK price) unboxed, I decided it was time for a treat (for falling asleep at 1am every night). The nude palette is quite nice – the quality is up there of […]

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