RMK Makeover and Haul

I went to RMK today for their launch of the Curl Separate Mascara. I tried out the product, which was fine – lengthening and separating, but I didn’t love it enough to spend £20 on it. But I had my eye on the Quad, 06, a mix of minty greens and black – It can be worn in a very fresh way, or in a smokey way, using the black. I was also tempted into […]

Urban Decay 24/7 Liners VS Shu Uemura Drawin

Urban Decay recently released three new colours; Ye-Yo – White Rockstar – Deep Purple Stash – A deep dirty Green. I adore Urban Decay Pencils – I can normally assess how good a pencil is by how well it comes off on my waterline and how many sweeps it takes. I own pencils my Make Up Forever, Chanel, Dior, Nars, NYX – but the two brands that really shine to me are Shu Uemura’s Drawing […]

Tiffa Eyeliner, Base and Mascara

Tiffa is a Kanebo Brand that I have largely ignored until I saw a review of the Base on Vanessa’s blog. The base was a spidery black thing – urgh! Disgusted but fascinated at the same time, I ordered this prodct from Adambeaty, and the Mascara to go with it (lengthening natch) and two of the new eyeliner/sparkly mascara combos. Well the base and mascara are great! they are not really volumising (although there is […]

Eye Primers: Review of Urban Decay Primer Potion, Art Deco and Too Faced

For me Eyeshadow Primers are a must unless I am in a horrid rush. I had a quickie make over at Too Faced and was tempted to buy a primer called First Base. I had a slight recollection of buying it many many moons ago, when the packaging was square and not round, but what the hey, you have to buy something when you get a makeover, don’t you? Now I’ll review them later…but a […]

L’oreal Chrome Shine Lame Eyeshadow

I don’t think I have ever, in my life bought a Loreal eyeshadow – the packaging is crappy beyond belief, but I did absolutely love the look of this shade: Metal Lame reminded me of a gorgeous discontined shade of eyeshadow by Lancome called Erika F – deep smouldering gunmetal shade, with hints of green, grey, black, and full of shimmer. I was told by an SA that Erika F not exists in a duo […]

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