The Apprentice UK

This is probably utterly boring for anyone who isn’t in the UK, but The Apprentice is back! In the UK we have Sir Alan Sugar, and glorified garden gnome who is in charge of a 800 million empire – I mean garden. The candidates are uber annoying this year. Let’s identify the most annoying; Sacked in week 1, Nicholas de Lacy-Brown. At 23, he is a trainee Barrister. Whatever, anyone with a name like de […]

Want to buy from the USA?

Is it just me or do they have a much better choice and much lower prices in the US then we have in the UK? (ie. double the price?! Half the choice?!). I found a great website for people don’t have their own Muses, ISHOP AMERICA is great. You can buy ANYTHING from the US, using their online form, and they will receive the item and send it out to you wherever you are in […]

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