The Apprentice UK

This is probably utterly boring for anyone who isn’t in the UK, but The Apprentice is back! In the UK we have Sir Alan Sugar, and glorified garden gnome who is in charge of a 800 million empire – I mean garden. The candidates are uber annoying this year. Let’s identify the most annoying; Sacked in week 1, Nicholas de Lacy-Brown. At 23, he is a trainee Barrister. Whatever, anyone with a name like de […]

Want to buy from the USA?

Is it just me or do they have a much better choice and much lower prices in the US then we have in the UK? (ie. double the price?! Half the choice?!). I found a great website for people don’t have their own Muses, ISHOP AMERICA is great. You can buy ANYTHING from the US, using their online form, and they will receive the item and send it out to you wherever you are in […]


So, I am working on a swatch album for my rather big make up collection. I have a lot of Japanese and unusal products, and I wanted to share swatches with people, since I know I love looking at peoples collections and checking out colours before I buy (and thats not always possible if you are buying over the net.) I hugely underestimated how much time it would take! My studio lights are lost under […]

Laneige Spring Bloom Palettes

My previous purchase of Laneige was this palette, with a spectacular case and 9 gorgeous, soft, pigmented shades – it is my out and about palette (yes I do my make up in a rush nearly every morning). From this palette I can do simple, smokey, pinks, orange, taupe, purple…Gorgeous! So of course I had to indulge in Spring Bloom. Although with four shades, the eyeshadow palette has just my kind of colours: Now, on […]

Dior Creme De Gloss – Grown up lipgloss

Seduced by Monica Bellucci… I fell madly in love with my Dior Denim Rose Gloss I purchased last week (on top of MAC Masque – pretty combo!). So I decided to give two of the Creme De Glosses a go in Fig and Beige Elixir. Swatch: The blurb says; Crème de Gloss What it is:A creamy lipstick in a gloss. What it is formulated to do:Dior is on everyone’s lips this fall. Dior Crème de […]

Megan is back!

She snapped my Canmake Lip Eraser too – grrr. Anyway – I just wanted to add some info on Meg’s videos. Once or twice now, I have had some negative comments on her videos along the vein of, shouldn’t a seven year old be playing out instead? (Most comments are lovely, by the way). Well, as I include on the decription of the videos, they are purely for fun, and she makes them when she […]

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