Paul & Joe Disney Collection…

..should be here, in my arms. But it isn’t. Why? BECAUSE DELIVERY COMPANIES CANNOT DO THEIR JOB PROPERLY! Ok not all of them. Just 99%. I think I get enough packages to safely say that now without feeling like I am generalizing. I know the directions to Parcelforce, Interlink, Citylink, Parceline, Amtrak, TNT depots off […]

Instyle Magazine 100 Best Beauty Buys 2008…

…is a waste of time. A few years ago, I looked forward to the 100 Beauty Buys Magazine, which came out once a year with the Magazine. I kept all of them, and would study if for hours, ticking off the products that I own. Now its 4 years on and…the magazine is smaller. There […]

Biteki Magazine DVD

Occasionally, I will buy VOCE or Biteki Magazine; both are Japanese Mags, that specialize in cosmetics. Subscription to the UK is very expensive due to shipping, so insead, every few months I will order the magazines from the Japan Centre in London – although they done run out quickly. I was very pleased in the […]

Stila Palettes & The Year of the Rat

Today is Chinese New Year! Happy New Year to anyone who celebrates Chinese New Year! It is the year of the rat. I am a Rooster, and roughly speaking my predictions for this year are: Cut back on extravagances. [Does this include Lavshuca?] You Roosters are not very flexible and tend to crowd yourselves into […]

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