Haulage Pics & Thoughts

So over the last week since I’ve been away I’ve had random haulage…I might have posted these before. My brain it like batter at the moment so if I have posted 3 year old lipstick forgive me. But as far as I remember this stuff is new. Yes, they are still boxed. But then again […]

Since you’ve been gone…

Meanwhile the other half still wants a kitten. I got this in my inbox: Kitteh! Does anyone know what breed this little one is? It’s so cute… Anyway I have tips. The key to getting your other half up to buy a McDonald’s breakfast is: 1. Give him enough time. Even though McDonalds is never […]

Excel Eyeshadow @ Adam Beauty

Bargain Alert! Excel are a Japanese brand that do cheap looking but very nice products, this eyeshadow duo included. I have only own one previously, but I found the two shades to be pigmented and soft, especially the darker complimentary shade in the set. It is now $40 HK dollars at Adambeauty, worked out about […]

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