I go back to black…

Every other month, I have this panic thing, where I decide my hair colour is horrid and go out and buy some random dye, only to go to Sally’s the day after for some Rusk Eliminate (hair dye remover) and end up back at square one. My hair is stupidly long at the moment, and a bondi beach Jessica Alba type blonde. Its lovely and brightens the face, but is also prone too looking dry […]

DHL are the worst couriers, ever. Oh and ASOS Discount Code…

So I know you ladies have as much courier/delivery woes as me, regardless of where we are in the world, sometimes our lives just have to be made that teeny weeny bit harder. Now, this wasn’t make up I was waiting for; it was my repaired Nintendo Wii. I live on a flat on a hill, and couriers are utterly useless when it comes to finding me. So I didn’t know that the Wii was […]

RMK Update….

I got some requests for pics of the items I bought so here they are! Purple: Green: Gold: Orange Blush: 3 Lipsticks: Pink Swirl Lipstick 02: Orange 03: Beige 05: My free gift!: Quick Makeover: I used the Orange Blush, Gold Eyeshadow and 03 Orange Lipstick. I really love the lipsticks, the swirl is exquisite! Its so shimmery and the texture is perfect. Just a quick one, hope the pics whet your appetite…

RMK Shiny Dots Make Over

You know I have been looking forward to the RMK Shiny Dots Collection ever since I saw the previews last year. I finally had a chance to go down and see the collection for myself! As a reminder; The range; Before I saw the range in person, I wanted the green, lilac and gold eyeshadows. I was undecided about the blush, and not interested in the swirly lip colours. So here are the 6 eye […]

Ebay is going to hell in a handcart

Ebay is a staple in many ways; when you want that hard-to-find item, when you need it cheaper than the high street, when you need to get rid of some lovely jumper your nana gave you. But of course it is not without problems. I don’t know about you ladies, but the main problems I have had have been as a seller. I am not a powerseller of any kind, but I do occasionally sell […]

Happy Day After Valentines Day!

Did everyone have a good day? I don’t see the big deal sometimes *moaning already?!* – but I am sure I made a bigger deal of it when I was looking for a boyfriend but when you’re in comfortable coupledom, I’m more of a – ‘Leave the flowers, let’s go and stuff our faces instead’, kinda gal. Valentine’s is in my I’m-not-that-interested holiday, along with Pancake Day, Take your child to work day and Uncle’s […]

Pop Beauty Palette & Shu Lash Applicator

The weather is finally starting the cheer up here in England; its nicely warm and bright, is it nearly spring?! I finally did the exercise DVD I bought in January (ahem) and I nearly died after the warm up and first work out. I didn’t even attempt the boxercise section or the stretches because I felt like I had climbed a mountain. And I probably burned what – a quarter of a Reeces Peanut Butter […]

What to buy in Spring?

Whenever there are new collections, it is so difficult to choose what to buy…come on, we can’t buy ALL of it. I tend to focus on things I really like, have a gut reaction about, and are limited – after all things in the permanent range can be collected slowly… There is one collection which is inciting excitement in me even though the release is a good week away. It is the RMK Shiny Dots […]

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