Yu-Be, or Yu-Skin Skincare Products from Japan

I first heard of Yu-Be (or Yu-Skin cream) when I was searching for a highly moisturising and medicated cream for my boyfriend’s ezcema. I spotted this product in Space NK, selling for £10 for a little tube. I bought these direct from Japan, where it is called Yu-Skin. It is also a lot, lot cheaper than in the UK (surprise, surprise!) Yu-Be is supposedly very effective on dry skin because of the high level of […]

Quick EOTD

Here is my quick EOTD photo with purple and golds… I won’t lie and said I did it, the nice lady at Nars did. Was trying to rustle up a look for a wedding you see… She used: Nars Violetta (purple)Nars Showgirl (eyeliner) The rest of it was what I slapped on in the morning, Lavshuca Eye Jelly in GD1 and Lunasol Lighting Eyes Quad. I like the combo of purple and gold, although it […]

Cream Eyeshadows Part 2

Eye Jellies / Mousse & Watery Apart from Cream Eyeshadows in a jar, the newest additions to my collection have been eye jellies and water colours. I swatched the Maybelline Eye Mousse Colours before and wasn’t madly impressed – the Stila is similar but I think firmer textured and more pigmented than them. Brand: Stila (US) Texture: Mousse in a glass Jar Application: Best with a brush. Mousse can be a bit tricky; it looks […]

Cream Eyeshadow Special Part 1

PART ONE: Cream Eyeshadows So, I was told a year or so ago that I could not wear eye make up so I decided that a compromise was in order and made it an excuse to load up on cream shadows! Yeah! So I do have a strong love for any type of cream product. I found that looking through my collection, the textures vary, from Cream (solid, in a pot), Cream (less solid in […]

Review: Magic Lash Lash Enhancing Fibers

After seeing a review of Magic Lash by Pursebuzz on You Tube, I decided to give it a go since I am a little lash obsessed. I wish I had listened properly – I thought it was a wet product, but infact it is a dry fiber product: See how fluffy it is? If your eyes are irritated by fiber rich mascara’s or you wear contacts/have sensitive eyes, don’t use this since it is pure […]

Laura Mercier Stick Foundation Secret Brightening Powder

Not that I spend that long doing my make up everyday anyway, but I do find it tiresome applying liquid foundation sometimes, I always get it everywhere, and then you got rewash your hands, then you touch your top and you get foundation everywhere, you get my drift. Stick foundation sounded like a blessing – I liked the sound of three; Becca’s, Laura Mercier and Shiseido’s. I already have Shiseido stick foundation OC40 (slightly too […]

Aube Spring Collection Videos

Aube have a new set of eyeshadows, puffy “bounce” blushers and lip colours for spring. Me and Aube are like that, ya know? Sometimes I like their stuff, most of the time is meh (in comparison to how much I like Kate, Lavshuca, Jill Stuart for example). I do love Aube’s spokesperson, Japanese Model Rika; I think she so beautiful! Anyway, Beauty Exchange have three new videos featuring make up artist Gary Chung, using the […]

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