Review: Magic Lash Lash Enhancing Fibers

After seeing a review of Magic Lash by Pursebuzz on You Tube, I decided to give it a go since I am a little lash obsessed. I wish I had listened properly – I thought it was a wet product, but infact it is a dry fiber product: See how fluffy it is? If your […]

Laura Mercier Stick Foundation Secret Brightening Powder

Not that I spend that long doing my make up everyday anyway, but I do find it tiresome applying liquid foundation sometimes, I always get it everywhere, and then you got rewash your hands, then you touch your top and you get foundation everywhere, you get my drift. Stick foundation sounded like a blessing – […]

Aube Spring Collection Videos

Aube have a new set of eyeshadows, puffy “bounce” blushers and lip colours for spring. Me and Aube are like that, ya know? Sometimes I like their stuff, most of the time is meh (in comparison to how much I like Kate, Lavshuca, Jill Stuart for example). I do love Aube’s spokesperson, Japanese Model Rika; […]

Make Up Maestro Shu Uemura Dies at 79

Shu Uemura, has died aged 79 in Tokyo. He rose to fame in the 1950s when he became a Hollywood Make Up Artist, and there developed his famous cleansing oil formula, to remove heavy stage make up. He was said to have kept a few drops of the original formula to this day, “for inspiration”. […]

Ravings of a mad insomniac….

I’ve had about three hours sleep today – for some reason I woke up in a cold panic. Which Chanel Quad do I want next? No not really. I am very paranoid about catching a virus that’s been spreading rapidly in the UK – The Norwalk virus, or Winter Vomiting Virus. I had this same […]

Fake Chanel Quads

You know I obsessed with Chanel Quads at the moment? Well they aren’t cheap, at £30.50p in the UK but they are a really luxury, gorgeous item to own. I made the mistake of buying a fake Chanel quad not so long ago even though I should have known better. Not because there aren’t genuine […]

Quick Sale Haul – Rimmel, Soap & Glory, Bourjois

I popped into Boots today and got some half price goodies! Although I am not a big user of Rimmel – some of the products aren’t great, and the packaging breaks on me in a matter of days, I like the look of this palette: It comes in two tiers, featuring 15 eyeshadows, four lip […]

Mascara Mission Post 5: Imju Fiberwig Mascara

Next Mascara for testing, is Imju Fiberwig. A bit of a cult item, this has been the number one seller in Japan, due its supposed lengthening and curling abilities. There are a lot of fibers in this Mascara, so a few coats is supposed to give the false lash effect (but allow 10 seconds between […]

Coffret D’or Palette Review

Kanebo got rid of my beloved T’estimo and replaced it with Coffret D’or. I haven’t fallen madly in love with the brand so far, although the line looks quite sophistacated. I think the items are a little more expensive than T’estimo, also, T’estimo had some lovely, unusal palette combos. Anyhow, here is the diamante studded […]

SANA Eyeliner & Eye Pencil Duo

Sana is a underrated Japanese brand, who so far have made my favorite mascara in the world and some excellent eyelash curlers. I decided to give this cute pencil a try – it has a black liquid liner on one side, and a white pencil/crayon on the other: Swatch: What I love is the true […]

Chanel Quads & Urban Decay Eyeliners

In the UK, there is a huge drugstore called Boots, which sells all kinds of beauty, healthcare, haircare goods. They have a card which you use to get points for every purchase you make. Quite often there are good offers, like, buy two of these items and get 1000 points. 100 points = £1, so […]

Mascara Mission Post 4: YSL Faux Cils!

YSL Faux Cils is one of those consistently complimented products with many, many fans. Coming in a signature flashy gold tube, it certainly makes you feel glamorous… I didn’t realise but I have four tubes in different colours: Black, Blue, Burgundy and Purple. My favorite is the blue, which really stands out and the warm […]

Mascara Mission Post 3: Lancome Virtuose Waterproof.

Lancome are known for making some of the best mascaras in the world. Naturally I wanted to try it out some of their mascaras. Since I am obsessed with curl, their new release, Virtuose seemed like a natural choice: The website blurb reads: Incredible 12 hour curve and longer looking lashes.Stunning lash curler effect with […]

January 2008: Mascara Mission. Post 1

Hi. My name is Miss X. And I have a confession to make. I have short, straight lashes that point to the floor. They take a good bit of elbow grease to curl and even then, it’s more of a kink. Cos I really need to pump that curler to get then facing the heavens […]

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