Transparent & Translucent Face Powders; Suqqu Vs Laura Gellar

I must confess although I occasionally get an oily nose, my face is largely dry, especially as the day progresses. So god only knows why I have an obsession with pressed powder. I just think it’s the chic process of taking out a compact and patting the nose; although its not something I see much these days. So I recieved Laura Gellar Blotting Powder in the post – I don’t even remember ordering it, but […]

Jumping on the bandwagon…

So I have been wanting NARS Yachiyo brush, from the Kabuki Artisan Range forever. My favourite MA on Nars uses that brush on me to apply the multiple; to apply strong brushes…anything cheek related. But there is the issue of price. At £37.50 it is steep, especially as it feels so lightweight; I know, it is the construction of the Yachiyo brush, but sometimes you want something weighty for your money.. Anyway, after seeing it […]

Special CP from the US of A

My lovely, lovely friend, the Muse, helped me out with a CP from Sephora a while ago…well it was a long while ago wasn’t it my love? I do believe my parcel travelled on the back of a snail, then was inspected piece by piece, one for each day. First things first, there were sweets and choc (choc already eaten I’m afraid): Then there was the Vincent Longo Quad…oooh baby. This is so sparkly, and […]

Yum Yum for my Tum

Just a quickie…I will posting soon on a wonderful CP that Musey sent to me – inside was a load of American Candy and my favourite of all time – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Seeing as the BF felt the need to munch through most of the bag whilst he was playing Grand Car Theft – or whatever its called – I found a UK supplier who stocks Reese’s for a decent price and ordered […]

Suqqu Midori Green Eyeshadow

I love the look of Suqqu cosmetics, although it is pricey here in the UK. I have a clear blotting powder by Suqqu, and thats about it, so I snapped up the chance to purchase an eyeshadow from Ebay: The photograph does not do this eyeshadow justice! I took a chance and bought the green without seeing it in real life, because I am usually a sucker for greens anyway. This shade of green, Midori, […]

Lunasol Full Glamour Lipstick, in Pink Beige

Everyone now and again a lipstick comes along that has everything going for it; colour, texture, packaging… Lunasol Lipstick in Pink Beige is one of them. I first saw a photograph of this on MUA and loved the way it looked. I finally splurged $39 (I know, its cheaper on Ebay – well I couldn’t find it on Ebay) on it… Ta-da!: This lipstick has everything I personally like in a lipstick. It is 1. […]

Boots Time Delay Purifying Cleansing Balm

Boots, the biggest drugstore in the UK, runs some fantastic deals such as their advantage card scheme, where your points turn into cash! I have claimed numerous goodies with my advantage card; it’s not one of those where you need to spend thousands to get a packet of crisps, it is a very generous scheme (in exchange, my buying habit info!). I have already got three Chanel Quads (Garden Party, Winter Nights and Vanities) free […]

Anna Sui Collection 2008

Anna Sui released its latest collection for Spring on the 10th January. Some of the more interesting items is the limited edition glitter gloss, which comes in blue, yellow and red, and five glitter eye sticks: (Pic from Being a girl who loves gold, I indulged in the yellow gloss and eye stick (both called 800): The lid of the case: The stick itself: You can’t beat Anna Sui for beautiful packaging: Lipgloss: I […]

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