Transparent & Translucent Face Powders; Suqqu Vs Laura Gellar

I must confess although I occasionally get an oily nose, my face is largely dry, especially as the day progresses. So god only knows why I have an obsession with pressed powder. I just think it’s the chic process of taking out a compact and patting the nose; although its not something I see much these days. So I recieved Laura Gellar Blotting Powder in the post – I don’t even remember ordering it, but […]

Jumping on the bandwagon…

So I have been wanting NARS Yachiyo brush, from the Kabuki Artisan Range forever. My favourite MA on Nars uses that brush on me to apply the multiple; to apply strong brushes…anything cheek related. But there is the issue of price. At £37.50 it is steep, especially as it feels so lightweight; I know, it is the construction of the Yachiyo brush, but sometimes you want something weighty for your money.. Anyway, after seeing it […]

Special CP from the US of A

My lovely, lovely friend, the Muse, helped me out with a CP from Sephora a while ago…well it was a long while ago wasn’t it my love? I do believe my parcel travelled on the back of a snail, then was inspected piece by piece, one for each day. First things first, there were sweets and choc (choc already eaten I’m afraid): Then there was the Vincent Longo Quad…oooh baby. This is so sparkly, and […]

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