Boots Time Delay Purifying Cleansing Balm

Boots, the biggest drugstore in the UK, runs some fantastic deals such as their advantage card scheme, where your points turn into cash! I have claimed numerous goodies with my advantage card; it’s not one of those where you need to spend thousands to get a packet of crisps, it is a very generous scheme (in exchange, my buying habit info!). I have already got three Chanel Quads (Garden Party, Winter Nights and Vanities) free […]

Anna Sui Collection 2008

Anna Sui released its latest collection for Spring on the 10th January. Some of the more interesting items is the limited edition glitter gloss, which comes in blue, yellow and red, and five glitter eye sticks: (Pic from Being a girl who loves gold, I indulged in the yellow gloss and eye stick (both called 800): The lid of the case: The stick itself: You can’t beat Anna Sui for beautiful packaging: Lipgloss: I […]

Yu-Be, or Yu-Skin Skincare Products from Japan

I first heard of Yu-Be (or Yu-Skin cream) when I was searching for a highly moisturising and medicated cream for my boyfriend’s ezcema. I spotted this product in Space NK, selling for £10 for a little tube. I bought these direct from Japan, where it is called Yu-Skin. It is also a lot, lot cheaper than in the UK (surprise, surprise!) Yu-Be is supposedly very effective on dry skin because of the high level of […]

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