Mascara Mission Post 3: Lancome Virtuose Waterproof.

Lancome are known for making some of the best mascaras in the world. Naturally I wanted to try it out some of their mascaras. Since I am obsessed with curl, their new release, Virtuose seemed like a natural choice: The website blurb reads: Incredible 12 hour curve and longer looking lashes.Stunning lash curler effect with the unique KeepCurl™ brush.Extraordinary wear that’s virtually smudge-proof and tear-proof. Easily removable. If the can trademark the brush, it has […]

Mascara Mission Post 2 – Shu Uemura Length & Waterproof

I first tried mascara when I was 17. I think it was Maybelline Volume Express. I loved how thick it made my lashes thick but it definately made my lashes flop like mad, and ran everywhere. This was the waterproof version too – so I gave up altogether untill one day, I went for a Shu Uemura make over. Still one of my favourite MA’s ever, Vicky at Shu Uemura, Manchester, did a quick make […]

January 2008: Mascara Mission. Post 1

Hi. My name is Miss X. And I have a confession to make. I have short, straight lashes that point to the floor. They take a good bit of elbow grease to curl and even then, it’s more of a kink. Cos I really need to pump that curler to get then facing the heavens you see…and then all that pain and hard work is lost because I cannot get them to stay upright. I’ll […]

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