Art Deco Eyeshadow Haul – it is true love….

Art Deco shadows hail from Germany and are a drugstore brand. I found a place that sells them in the UK (but will not ship to the US, sorry) and each eyeshadow was £4, and comes with a lid but can be placed into a palette with a solid magnetic base. The website I bought from does not have swatches just little colour blocks so essentially I bought them blind: That was my selection. Actually […]

What the Lady wants, the Lady gets…

So a few days ago I saw a tester for an eyeshadow in a store called Superdrug, which sells the more low end cosmetic ranges (but prices are slowly creeping up). The brand, Sleek, is known for producing cosmetics for dark skins. I spotted a 12 shadow eyeshadow palette, and became obsessed. The colours were rich, pigmented, strong and metallic and soft. There was a problem…there were none in stock. So I was on a […]

Eye Make Up Video

Just thought I’d quickly share a make up video from the Tube. I think the Make Up Artist does a good job, even though he is a teeny weeny bit wonky with his lashes. Ladies with single lids know how hard it is to give the eye some glamma! P.S. I don’t know what he is saying but it is self explanitory!


This has got nothing to do with make up, but I was very shocked to hear about the death of Heath Ledger, at a very untimely 28 years old. As of yet there is no official reason for his death. It was with his performance in Brokeback Mountain that I became a real fan of his; he was masculine but sensitive, cool but emotional in his performance. I was looking forward to seeing him as […]

Ebay & Paypal Discount Code

Ebay UK have a pretty nifty deal… But buy something from Ebay, until the 31st January, and get £5 of the post and packing costs. If the shipping is less, the whole amount will be erased. This is particularly good for items in Asia – you know how sellers there tend to list things for 1p and have £4.99 for shipping?! Well it’s time to grab a 1p bargain! Just enter the code – CHEERS1 […]

D’Feel Eyelash Curler & Privacy Eyelash Spray

If there is one thing that I would like to swap with my boyfriend, its not his hairy arms, but his long, lush, curly eyelashes. Everyone knows long lashes are wasted on straight men. And he has the cheek to whine in front of me *ooh, my lashes are getting tangled*. Unfortunately I do not have this problem. My lashes are short, straight, sparse. In a pursuit of curly lashes, I will stop at nothing, […]

Chanel Spring & Superdrug Visit

Fighting the rain, I made a little trip to the shops today to buy the palette I have been waiting for – The Chanel Blue Celestes Quad & Azur Limited edition polish. T’was very irritating to be visiting Chanel counters today. Simple question – “What is limited edition?” – you know four counters out of five didn’t know (apart from pointing out the Fleurs Quad which is clearly limited because it says LIMITED on the […]

She’s Back!

My lovely little cousin, star of You Tube, has has become suprisingly demanding since turning seven, has made another video for all of you. I left her alone to do the video and returned to find glitter all over my Apple Mac and bed covers and to find that she had done a face paint tutorial but not pressed record. “Don’t press anything Megan” “Ok” *Click* Anyway I hope you enjoy, because now I have […]

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