JK Rowling’s Handwritten Book, The Tales of Beedle the Bard

This is OT, but besides Make Up, I have another love; Books! Although I never got further than the first Harry Potter book, I am well aware that the series has been a revolution for children’s fantasy books! There has always been the classics, like Narnia and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy. However – Harry Potter is the god of them in terms of success and spread. Anyway, a few months ago, JK Rowling […]

FOTD/EOTD December Blues! (or rather golds)

As I posted a FOTD of Pauline below, I promised her I would also post one of myself! So just as a quicky, here’s my EOTD from my recent trip to the theatre to see Panto! I went for something fun! I used RMK Ingenious Quad in 07 for the greens and blues, and Shiseido Hydro Power in Goldlights as a base. Also Nars Eyeliner in Kaliste, the PERFECT teal. Easy peasy! I also went […]

Reader FOTD No. 1

Face:Shiseido MAQuillAGE UV PrimerShiseido Color Control Stick for my rosaceaMy beautiful friend, Pauline from MUA kindly let me use her first FOTD on here! She looks gorgeous no? The nicest thing about this look is how flawless her skin is, and how seamless the make up is – see, no harsh edges. Product List: Shiseido MAQuillAGE Concealer Stick under my eyesShiseido Dual Balancing Fdtn in OC40Shiseido Enriched Loose Powdera slightly pink bronzer NARS AmourShiseido Color […]

Depotting NYX Trios

Didn’t I say I was on a depotting frenzy? I have 9 NYX trios (overwhelmingly green). There are three methods you can follow – there is Enkore’s which us using Isopropyl Alchohol here, and then there’s another U Tube video where the trio is baked here, finally there is the traditional over the candle method, as used by Vanessa here. I am scared of using heat because they totally ruined my NARS shadows. However, you […]

Nars Cream Eyeshadows & Depotting

I had been lemming the Nars Cream Eyeshadow Quads for a while but since I have quite a few of the solos, I know that these CREASE like crazy. As a base for powder, they are nice but as standalone cream eyeshadows, they don’t/won’t/can’t stand up to the likes of my eye jellies & Shiseido Hydro Powers. Anyway, so I was about to spend £22.50 of Summertime, but you know it does look pretty bleh […]

Depotting Lavshuca Singles

I was in the mood for depotting yesterday, so I went on a bit of a depotting frenzy! I started with Lavshuca singles, since they are fiddly to use when you are trying to apply multiple colours and you need to open one, close one, open one etc. So – these are very easy to depot as they are held down by a tacky clear glue (non drying) like the Shu uemura ones. So all […]

MAC Haul; Metal X, Of Beauty Loose Powders, Pervette & Pout Etc.!

For a non-Macaholic, I sure do buy a lot of MAC. What is it? Is it the buzz they create before releasing a collection? Are they just really in tune with us Make Up junkies? They hardly ever advertise compared to Lancome, Estee Lauder and other big companies (although I am aware they are part of EL). Well whatever it is, I just did a big haul at Mac Mail order and should have enough […]

MAC Alexander McQueen, for those who missed out the first time…

Ok so I posted a few days ago that McQueen is back in stock? Since I missed out the first time, I dashed over to buy a few things from MAC Online (it was not available on Mail order). So for other people with slow reactions, maybe these pics will come in handy, but be quick! This is a popular collection (or are we over it now?!) The standard look at my boxes pic: Eyeshadows […]

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