Cargo Anniversary Set – Update!

So here is a pic of the Cargo 10 Year Anniversary Set – Cargo never really took off in the UK the way is has Stateside and I am really a newbie where their stuff is concerned. However, I hear that Sainsbury’s will be stocking Cargo soon (starting in the Colney, Dulwich and Cromwell Road London Branches) and possibly branching out in the future? Ok so it’s a great starter kit – you get stuff […]

RMK Christmas Palette 2007

RMK have released this lovely palette for 2007 Christmas. I’ve found palettes of previous years to be lacking in quality, or of having bizarre choices in terms of colours, but this set is gorgeous. Note, the stripping of my purchase (I SO didn’t want to remove the gift wrap….but I’ll do it for you.) You get – No Colour Powder Ingenious Cheeks (pink) Limited edition (gorgeous, the middle section is a sparkly shade) Longlash Mascara […]

Nifty Storage From Muji

I am a sucker for Muji storage – I love their clear acrylic storage, especially the well divided containers and boxes. Yesterday I found these little containers – normally when I find these things there are some parts that aren’t quite right for make up. This was perfect though! It is compact and opens up like a mini suitcase, but inside are different sections which are self contained…the possiblites are endless! Melt down some lippies […]

MAC Christmas Goodies

Ok, Ok, so I am totally late with this, but you know, I thought a lot of the MAC limited edition stuff would have sold out by now but most of the ranges are still in stock. What is really annoying is the sheer volume of collections coming out and how they are spacing them out probably up to December. Then there are new ranges coming up in December so there you go, MAC are […]

Cargo 10 Year Anniversary Set & Liquid Powder?!

I received this Cargo 10 Year Set in the post today. Cargo is hardly well known in the UK, but of course our American friends know good stuff when they see it! This set has some of Cargo’s bestsellers, and I love the natural glowyness of the kit. Included is: Soho Lip Gloss Duo Coral BeachBlush (stripey style) Bronzing Powder in Medium Reverse Lipliner Liquid Powder I only have one other item from Cargo, a […]

Ben & Jerry’s Lip Balms!

How utterly cool is this? Ben & Jerry’s lip balm in ice cream style tubs!: It comes in three flavours, Chop Chip Cookie Dough, Choc Fudge Brownie Lip Balm, Peanut Butter Cup Lip Balm. It’s worth it for the packaging alone! But – I would have liked a fruity balm, like a raspberry swirl or something. Or my favourite flavour ever, From Russia With Buzz (tis discontinued but I mourn the days I would eat […]

Nar Fame Lip Palette – It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine….

Ok, so my current obsession is Nars Palettes, but this really is the last one I am dying for! Nars Fame Lip Palette as a LOVELY collection of colours which range from the wearable nudes to the deep, not as often used deep reds. Colours include: blonde venus, heatwave, funny facehonolulu honey, jungle red, shanghai expresscasablanca, red lizard, transeurope expressmorocco, trans siberian, scarlet empress I already have two of the colours, heatwave, the perfect orange […]

Urban Decay 24/7 Pencils, Gift Sets & Matte Eyeshadow Haul

Well I was expecting a haul from Boots about a week ago, and the courier messed it up so much that I sort of…lost the passion for what was coming but now that it’s all here, it’s all very exciting! I bought three of the Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadows. Incase you haven’t visited the Urban Decay website, they have some outrageously glam make over looks and one of my favourites included the blue eyeshadow, Narcotic. […]

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