Nars Facial Soap & Boots No. 17

I was spending some birthday vouchers, so since I was in a Nars’ I bought my self the facial soap which they swear will keep blackheads a bay. It looks like a block of Pecorino: It isn’t scented so its a bit plasticy to smell….but who wants purfume on your face. This is cleansing, baby. It is also a BIG block (200g), this will take a life time to use up. It’s an unusal shape […]

SANA Mascara – For Kimberlygem

A MUAer asked about my favourite mascara, which I said is SANA’s (a Japanese brand) Big Lash mascara. I have a ton of mascaras! The one that got me started was Shu Uemura’s length and waterproof -it was the only mascara I had ever tried at that point that made my lashes curl and didn’t run. Since then I’ve aquired quite a collection! I do love Japanese mascara’s because they are SUPER waterproof (Maybelline and […]

Pupa Christmas Cards-cum-Eyeshadow Palettes

How cute are these!!! From Pupa, these little cardboard cards have a Christmas design on the front, a mirror inside and three co-ordinated eyeshadow shades inside. I have tested them and they are very soft and are lovely quality! So you see, you have a perfectly useable little compact and you can inscribe your own message on the back and it comes with an envelope. There were seven colour choices to choose from (very wearable) […]

UK Release Dates for MAC Curiositease, Of Beauty & Metal-X

Bah….MAC is driving me into product overload (in a bad way) releasing range after range after range. Trying to get official release dates from MAC is like getting blood from a stone (I am only trying to give you money!) nevertheless, I have discovered that the official release date for Curiositease, Metal-X, Of Beauty etc. will be released on 6th December (Thursday). I should wait of course (I have my eye on some other MAC […]

My favourite Face Mask (Nars Mud Mask), ever!

I was just thinking of trying out the Nars Facial soap – apparently good for clogged pores and blackheads and just thought I reiterate how much I love their face mask. This is the mud mask, and it is well worth the £33.00. Most masks leave my skin a little red and bumpy afterwards and because I have sensitive skin, different formulas can leave me a bit itchy. Nars Mud Mask is great because it […]

Nars ITA Brush

I had a lovely makeover at Nars the other week (before a job interview! I was supposed to be rehersing answers in a coffee shop and instead I spent 2 hours at a Nars counter…nevermind eh. Anyway, the MUA used this brush to contour (side of the nose, cheeks) – I was concerned it would look stripey because the brush is flat shaped – but it made contouring look effortless. I have now purchased one” […]

Anatomicals Skin & Body Goodies

Anatomicals in a retro range of face and skincare goodies, with jazzy names like ‘Stop Cracking Up’ Lipbalm, and ‘No Old Bags Allowed’ Eye Gel. I sampled a few of their goods, the lip balm, eye gel and breath freshner. Anatomicals is very affordable, with prices from £3. What did I think of the products I tried? I found that the Lip Balm was clear and glossy, but reminded me more of a gloss than […]

Pressed Pigments & Storage Idea!

So I took it upon myself to press nearly all my MAC Pigments and some other random ones. Problem is I had no where to put them all! So in the end I got some gift boxes (DVD Sized) and used magnetic strips. The strips look like this and can be bought from craft stores and Ebay. I got a 5 meters for around £6. These also have a self adhesive back and is easy […]

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