Discount Code for ASOS £10 Off

ASOS have a discount code ‘TREATME’ which gives you £10 off for every £100 spend. Guess who spend £99 on Friday and didn’t know about the code. D’uh! Still, at least you guys can get to enjoy the code. Spending £100 at ASOS is not hard!

Lovely Blogs

I was completely inspired by Karen at the gorgeous Make Up & Beauty Blog. Karen did her 43 Make Up Items she was thankful for, followed by the 43 non make up related things she was grateful for. I wish we had something similar in the UK! (But maybe something other than Turkey. I big […]

The Choco Monster

So my other half has been working like crazy – anyway he gave me some chocolate as a consolation. Mmm I think. What a fancy bar. I finally get round to eating some today and I find the most pefect bite mark in the corner – And a smaller one in the corner – No […]

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