UK Release Dates for MAC Curiositease, Of Beauty & Metal-X

Bah….MAC is driving me into product overload (in a bad way) releasing range after range after range. Trying to get official release dates from MAC is like getting blood from a stone (I am only trying to give you money!) nevertheless, I have discovered that the official release date for Curiositease, Metal-X, Of Beauty etc. […]

My favourite Face Mask (Nars Mud Mask), ever!

I was just thinking of trying out the Nars Facial soap – apparently good for clogged pores and blackheads and just thought I reiterate how much I love their face mask. This is the mud mask, and it is well worth the £33.00. Most masks leave my skin a little red and bumpy afterwards and […]

Nars ITA Brush

I had a lovely makeover at Nars the other week (before a job interview! I was supposed to be rehersing answers in a coffee shop and instead I spent 2 hours at a Nars counter…nevermind eh. Anyway, the MUA used this brush to contour (side of the nose, cheeks) – I was concerned it would […]

Anatomicals Skin & Body Goodies

Anatomicals in a retro range of face and skincare goodies, with jazzy names like ‘Stop Cracking Up’ Lipbalm, and ‘No Old Bags Allowed’ Eye Gel. I sampled a few of their goods, the lip balm, eye gel and breath freshner. Anatomicals is very affordable, with prices from £3. What did I think of the products […]

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