Pressed Pigments & Storage Idea!

So I took it upon myself to press nearly all my MAC Pigments and some other random ones. Problem is I had no where to put them all! So in the end I got some gift boxes (DVD Sized) and used magnetic strips. The strips look like this and can be bought from craft stores and Ebay. I got a 5 meters for around £6. These also have a self adhesive back and is easy […]

Cargo Anniversary Set – Update!

So here is a pic of the Cargo 10 Year Anniversary Set – Cargo never really took off in the UK the way is has Stateside and I am really a newbie where their stuff is concerned. However, I hear that Sainsbury’s will be stocking Cargo soon (starting in the Colney, Dulwich and Cromwell Road London Branches) and possibly branching out in the future? Ok so it’s a great starter kit – you get stuff […]

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