Nintendo DS Face Exercise!

So Nintendo Japan are releasing a DS camera and this nifty little game, like Facercise but with the camera you can watch yourself doing it at the same time! Obviously aimed at women, I wonder how many times most people will play this game? I suppose its a good little thing to take on the train with you (or maybe not). I am concerned about getting a wobbly chin…but…you know spending £20 on a game […]

Pucker Up, it’s Pout!

The Pout 50% sale is perhaps a huge sign that it is the beginning of the end…sad, I know. But great for bargains! Shipping is pretty slow at the moment due to the sheer amount of orders they are dealing with (around 12 days for mine..tis a lifetime when you are waiting for make up!). Nevertheless, the box arrived today and I have been having a good play with the products! Pout packaging is a […]

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