What is your favourite Make Up Counter?

I went shopping with a slightly less enthusiastic-about-makeup friend, and god love her, she shuddered when I approached the Make Up Counters in Harvey Nichols. She was mortified that I was browsing when they (the Sales Assistants) were standing there [like vultures]. I’m make up savvy enough to say no to something if I don’t want it, but I am not immune to some pleasure – especially when someone has spent a lot of time […]

Bobbi Brown Chocolate Palette & Pink Bronze Shimmerbrick

In my old middle age (well, approaching middle twenties), I have started to like nudes more and more for that clean sophisticated look. So I knew I wanted this Limited Edition Bobbi Brown Chocolate Palette when I saw it. Three of the shades of eyeshadow, except for bone are exclusive to the palette. The top tier of wearable lip colours (the chocolate infused with gold is especially gorgeous), comprising of two glosses and two lipstick […]

YSL White Gold Collection

So I mentioned how the Lavshuca Winter Palettes were meh and not really usable. So here’s a collection I picked up which I didn’t expect to but really really like – YSL’s Whie Gold/Love collection. This is the whole collection: Pretty huh, but very typical of YSL, glamourous and lots of pesky metal that gets covered by greasy fingerprint marks. So theres – YSL ‘White Gold’ Nail Lacquer – in 145 Starry Dream and 144 […]

Meh Meh Meh is not like Lavshuca

I recieved Lavshuca’s Winter Palettes this week from Adambeaty (Always excellent service) and well….erm…it’s not that great. Lavshuca is such a lush brand, full of affordable make up and the eyeshadow palettes are normally full of nice colours. Anyway this is what they look like: The Cases (cardboard): It comes empty – So you can stick the stuff in the slots – Which is pointless really, because its obvious where it’s supposed to go. Not […]

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