I was in such a rush today I slapped on some green from an Urban Decay palette and gold, and left the flat with red hair. The piccy is not very clear – sorry, I had just had a shower and the mirror is steamy! What ‘cha think? Great or Garish!?

NYX Jumbo Pencil Swatches

The ladies stateside have all the luck! I tried one of these NYX pencils and was in love! The eye pencils are incredibly soft and easy to apply – sometimes a pencil can seem soft when applied to the hand but not on the eye but these are just as soft and pigmented on the […]

Shu Uemura Eyeshadows

My first love will always be Shu Uemura! I’ll never forget when I was 18, going to London and seeing the old shop in Covent Garden and all the multi coloured plastic cases stacked up. I was overwhelmed! I bought (and could only afford one) and I still have it today, – ME 555, a […]

43 of My Make Up Must Haves

Inspired by Karen at Make Up & Beauty Blog. who was in turn inspired by a website called 43 Things I’m thankful for, where you can make lists of 43 things you want to achieve.I decided to put together my 43 Beauty Must Haves that I am grateful for! My List! 1. Shu Uemura Kolinsky […]

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

I never thought about buying Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eyes Kit – it seemed so plain: Courtesy of a lovely friend though, I got this and it is a fantastic little kit! It is perfect for the no brainer, easy clean eye look – when you’re in a rush, when you have a job interview, etc. […]

Discount Code for ASOS £10 Off

ASOS have a discount code ‘TREATME’ which gives you £10 off for every £100 spend. Guess who spend £99 on Friday and didn’t know about the code. D’uh! Still, at least you guys can get to enjoy the code. Spending £100 at ASOS is not hard!

Lovely Blogs

I was completely inspired by Karen at the gorgeous Make Up & Beauty Blog. Karen did her 43 Make Up Items she was thankful for, followed by the 43 non make up related things she was grateful for. I wish we had something similar in the UK! (But maybe something other than Turkey. I big […]

The Choco Monster

So my other half has been working like crazy – anyway he gave me some chocolate as a consolation. Mmm I think. What a fancy bar. I finally get round to eating some today and I find the most pefect bite mark in the corner – And a smaller one in the corner – No […]

Rambings from a crazy insomniac…

I’ve been finding it impossible to sleep like a normal human these days, so I fall asleep at 6am and wake up at 3pm! I know – I was thinking of staying up for 24 hours to reset my body clock so I could fall asleep at a normal time, like 12pm. Anyway whilst I’m […]

Pout – Round Two!

The big Pout 50% off sale had a lot of us in a daze – I made second order the day after my first, and now nearly 3 weeks later it has arrived! Hurrah! I love how big the pans are for the blushers, and the light-medium shimmer content – I was also tempted by […]

Excessive Packaging?

I am a regular at Strawberrynet, one of the biggest internet cosmetic retailers. They have mixed reviews from MUA, but I can honestly say that in my experience (apparently I have made 98 orders with them!) that they have always provided good products, well withing sell by date, in good condition with reliable delivery. I […]

Lancome Pop Cherub Palettes

I eyed these extremely cute palettes a year ago at my local Lancome Palette. The encounter went like this. Me “Oooohhhh what lovely packaging” SA “Nice isn’t it” Me “Oh yes (thinks – not that impressed with all the colours) c’est combien?” SA “£45″ Me “Gulp.” I had paid that much for the Shu Uemura […]

YSL Waterproof Eye Colours

I got some lovely Make Up through the post today! I completely forgot I had bought these, I ordered them so long ago (the Christmas is already starting to affect the post) – YSL Eclat Ombre Waterproof Eyeshadow: In Coffee Bean & Aqua. These are a thick creamy texture and it apply to an absolutely […]

RMK Make Over Results!

So today I went down to my local RMK counter for a makeover. However the centre where the stand is was packed beyond belief! This place has car parks surrounding it, and six of them were completely full (this parks thousands of cars) and we had to go round and round and round so I […]

Where to buy your Japanese Cosmetics?!

Lucky people who have family and friends in the East can of course get them to purchase whatever their heart desires and have it sent over to them, but what about those who don’t have the contacts but love Japanese/Asian brands? There are a few main websites (all of which I have used) that sell […]

Nars Facial Soap & Boots No. 17

I was spending some birthday vouchers, so since I was in a Nars’ I bought my self the facial soap which they swear will keep blackheads a bay. It looks like a block of Pecorino: It isn’t scented so its a bit plasticy to smell….but who wants purfume on your face. This is cleansing, baby. […]

SANA Mascara – For Kimberlygem

A MUAer asked about my favourite mascara, which I said is SANA’s (a Japanese brand) Big Lash mascara. I have a ton of mascaras! The one that got me started was Shu Uemura’s length and waterproof -it was the only mascara I had ever tried at that point that made my lashes curl and didn’t […]

Pupa Christmas Cards-cum-Eyeshadow Palettes

How cute are these!!! From Pupa, these little cardboard cards have a Christmas design on the front, a mirror inside and three co-ordinated eyeshadow shades inside. I have tested them and they are very soft and are lovely quality! So you see, you have a perfectly useable little compact and you can inscribe your own […]

UK Release Dates for MAC Curiositease, Of Beauty & Metal-X

Bah….MAC is driving me into product overload (in a bad way) releasing range after range after range. Trying to get official release dates from MAC is like getting blood from a stone (I am only trying to give you money!) nevertheless, I have discovered that the official release date for Curiositease, Metal-X, Of Beauty etc. […]

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