Post Hell

In the UK, Royal Mail is striking from Thursday Lunch Time to Wednesday 10th October, 2007. Ok, it’s actually two 48 hour strikes, but it is cleverly placed over the weekend, so the impact is the same as striking for 5 days in a row. Remember that although deliveries are done pretty much by the […]

What Arrived In The Post…

  I am fast becoming bored of MAC – their colours can be so repetitive as is the design of the packaging. However, I have started to use more neutral browns and smokey colours as it’s getting closer to Winter. The quad from the Smoke Signals range caught my eye. There are 3 Ltd Shades […]

Poke in the eye

bourjois volume clubbing mascara

As a mascara a fan, I have a ton of different ones varying in prices, different results, different packaging. Inevitably, because of my short lashes and dodgy mirror, I poke myself sometimes. Today I poked myself testing this newish Bourjois Volume Clubbing mascara. Like the texture – it gives thick, clumpy lashes but its a […]

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