Beauty 101, 102 and 103!

Always a fan of beauty books in any language, I discovered LI QIAN RONG’s Beauty Books, 101, 102 and – can you guess? 103 a while ago. Beauty 103 is pretty new and despite it being help up in the post (took a month to arrive :O should have been a week). It is written in Chinese which I can’t read, so look at the pictures instead. Products are clearly marked in English, so it […]

D’Feel Lash Curling Technology!

If there’s one beauty thing I am obsessed with it’s how to get curly lashes that stay all day. I have 30 mascaras and I can say honestly, only 2 truly do not cause any – shall we call if ‘floppage’?! So Imagine how excited I was when I saw this product be a company call D’Feel lash curlers. You click in a canister into the curler section, lock, then spray and curl at the […]

Testing, Testing: Estee Lauder Anti Wrinkle Concentrate

Approaching my mid-twenties is a painful prospect – well ok, not painful but nevertheless, one has to pay attention to those first signs of aging. Once you got it, it ain’t gonna go away again, right?! So to help the fine lines I see developing (my smile lines) I have been using this product from Estee Lauder to help reduce the appearance. You don’t get an awful lot fot £25 – 3.2ml! But if it […]

Sofina Alblanc Make Up Videos

Gary Chung is a Hong Kong Make Up artist, who has a few good videos up on You Tube in conjunction with Beauty Exchange. Sofina, a popular brand in Japan, who own brands like Raycious, Hada.ka, Fine Fit (brands that focus on the skin) and Aube, a colour make up range, have launched Alblanc products by making some excellent videos along with Gary Here. The sexy/cute looks are wonderful to watch and the model is […]

NYX – US Brand

I am going to post shortly on US brands – they won’t be anything new to US readers, but quite interesting for UK gals who have never heard of them. NYX have a comprehensive website Here, and boy is there a lot of choice at a good price! Especially worth trying out are the eyeshadow trios, the Loose Pearl Eyeshadows and the Jumbo eye pencils (so I hear). I have a load of their products […]

Benefit Best of 2007

Over at HQHair, I’ve spotted some fab Benefit products – ‘The Best Of Benefit 2007′ set, for £39.50 containing BADgal lash.Dr. Feelgood, Benetint (I don’t see why its the best of 2007 – these are Benefits bestsellers any year! I think a set containing Rush Hour, High Brow and That Girl primer would be more 2007. Second palette, Powder Pop, contains Hoola, Dandelion & Dallas for £25. I am tempted by this since these powders […]

Stila New Look Website Launch

Stila was amazing when it was launched, although it hasn’t come up with anything particuraly innovative over the last couple of years. It does sell the old favourites though, like Lip Glazes, Convertable Colour and Smudge Pots. This Dandy eye palette also talks to you and tells you how to apply the eyeshadow (purely a gimmick – I am guessing you would listen to it – er, once?!). It costs £35 in the UK which […]

Shu Uemura Nail Enamel Usubeni

I promised I would limit myself to what I bought from the Shu Uemura Komon collection but I have totally failed – I bought Nail Enamel Usubeni, a medium-dark mauve plum with light shimmer. I don’t wear polish day to day as I think it is bad for the nails to not have air – but I love this polish! It is elegant and not so dark that it would be deemed as vampish (like […]

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