Beauty Book Review – Bobbi Brown, Beauty

This was Bobbi’s first book, and she has released other ones since this one, but I do love looking at this one because it is her first and captures the essence of her make up. There is something about her Make Up – the soft caramels and plums on the counter, that Make Bobbi Brown a comforting brand. If I wanted to be a beautiful bride I would hire Bobbi Brown (or Laura Mercier, come […]

Beauty 103 Book Review

I mentioned below a series of books called Beauty 101, 102, 103, which I can’t read but love the pictures to! Beauty 103 came with a DVD and I’ve had a chance to watch it a few times. It’s a pretty good vid! It is divided into three main sections – one his the base and a very natural clean look, then it is a shimmery, smokey evening look (but not over the top) and […]

Laura Mercier Hong Kong Exclusive Range

Two exclusive Laura Mercier Palettes, Hong Kong only I belive! The colours are tame for me, but they do look like universally flattering shades and wholly useful! The Eyebrow set come with setting gel, tweezers, brush, eyebrow powder, case and sharpener.

New Camera

As a budding photographer, I have my fair share of giagantic bodies and lenses, but what I really like, is a good quality little digital. Last Christmas I bought Samsung i6, because it was well priced at £129, and used SD card, and had a good amount of pixels. One year on I really wish I invested in a better machine; a good old Canon or Nikon. The lens on the Samsung is fine for […]

Recommend Beauty Books!

I love any new Make Up Books – can anyone recommend any to read or look at? I already have: 1. All the Bobbi Brown Books 2. All the Kevyn Aucoin Books 3. Make Up Your Mind – Nars 4. The New Beauty Secrets – Laura Mercier 5. Confessions of a Beauty Editor – Linda Wells (Allure) 6. The Beauty of Colour – Iman 7. Without Surgery – Eve Pearl 8. Make Up Guide – […]

Beauty Book Review – Make Up Your Mind, Francoise Nars

Coming in a hardback, spiral bound format, Make Up Your Mind is a stylish beauty book and not your typical Make Up Manual. Divided up into sections by a sheet of acetate, each look shows the bare face (before) then the after face on the right, with neat lines drawn in the acetate to show where colour has been added and in which shade. Skip to the end of the section for a description of […]

Internet Dysfunction!

Pain of all pains, my internet has been disconnected for 10 days, so I am sat at an internet cafe, fiddling with the Wireless, and feeling slight panic at the amount of emails I have to answer (82) and people I have to chase up (6) and other random bits of facts you normally have to luxury of just looking up. So whilst I have the chance I am going to post quickly on a […]

Benefit Christmas Items

I went to the Benefit Counter today to pick up their new Creme Eyeshadows in Skinny Jeans, a medium peweter shade. I swiped a few other colours of the back of my hand but didn’t buy antything else. Now, 6 hours later, the colours has stayed pristine on the back of my hair! Needless to say it has created a new lemming! I am loving the look of the darker shades, Stilleto and Towne Car […]

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