Anna Sui Glitter Lipsticks

Anna Sui Cosmetics used to be on Sale in the UK in Boots but sadly no more, although the make up can be bought from Strawberrynet and also Ebay. The packaging is so unique and cute; black enamel and the motif of roses. For some reason I felt tempted by these two lipsticks, even though the are made with thick glitter: I remember these from when I was 17! Because I am doing the lipstick […]

Oolong, a Diet Tea?

I hope I don’t sound like a diet fanatic, because I am definately not, but I noticed a product swanning around on the Web named Wu-Long tea, for fat burning purposes. Wu-Long? Sounds suspiously like old favourite, Oolong. Sure enough, a bit of research and was easy to find there is no such thing as Wu-Long tea, it is Oolong tea, respelt to add a sense of exoticism I suppose to the products. Loose leaf […]

Postal Strike Over!

……for now, anyway. The horrendous 4 day strike is finally over and although I doubt any of us will be deluged in a shower of Make Up packages (actually a fantasy of mine! – 200 packages? All for me? Just put it over there please…). Chances are with the backlog it will take a few days, possibly Friday at the earliest for the post to start arrive. Depends on the depot of course, if you […]

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