Diets & Cook Yourself Thin

Diets are big business – for companies who make food substitutes, for people who make fat burning drugs, for gyms, personal trainers etc. There are 101 ways people claim you can lose weight. Presuming you don’t have any medical problems, eating well and exercise will normally help shift a few pounds. This would be my […]

Curly Lashes

A problem for a lot of Asian women, is that we have short, straight lashes. The normal remedy is to curl and then apply mascara but I always found that they a. smudged, and b. make my lashes flop. Despite being a Make Up Fan for years, I never really wore mascara untill two years […]

Chinese Culture Vs German?

My other half pointed out this funny find from Shoutbox, and I thought I’d share some of the images with you. Find the whole set of images here: Meanwhile, here are some that had struck a chord with me – A comment of family structure? Children do tend to be the centre of a […]

Shu Uemura Bath Oils

I’m not one for soaking in the bath, but these new Bath oils from Shu Uemura look so lovely. They come in four flavours – Hinoku (Cypress), Sakura (Cherry Blossom), Shobu (Japanese Iris) and finally Yuzu, (Grapefruit). I went to Shu today to buy a few items to fill the spaces in my empty palettes, […]

What’s coming up?

Next Week – More about MAC Alexander McQueen Collection – Will anything arrive in the post?! – Mascara Tests – Stage Make Up for Everyday

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