Make Up Brushes

Every so often, when I can’t find a single clean brush or my pink eyeshadow comes out black, I know it’s time to clean my brushes. (I do it every month! Honest!). It has become real therapy for me! There’s something relaxing about cleaning away, rinsing away the colours and being left with lots of clean brushes. I use various products and methods. I don’t personally use Baby Shampoo although it is great and a […]

Nars Mud Mask

This is my favourite mask of all for my sensitive skin. It doesn’t irritate at all, and weirdly enough, leaves the skin very calm, not red or irritated at all. It is a thick, opaque textured cream, which dries (who wants a mask that doesn’t crack, right!). It is £40 – not cheap but I highly recommend it, and infact all of Nars’s skincare is excellent. Developed in a Shiseido Lab, I have never reacted […]

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