MAC Pigment Swatches

I have a whole load of Ebay pigments – some swatches below. I have about 10 new shades I haven’t had the chance to photo them yet! But here are the ones I have – I sell 1/4 tsp samples for £2.80p each with 50p for shipping.

Review: Lancome Virtuose Mascara

After reading the blurb for this mascara I had to give it a try: > Divine 100° curved lashes for 12 hours thanks to the exclusive Curlguard™ Complex. > The KeepCurl brush™ provides an outstanding eye-lash curler effect. > Extraordinary wear that’s virtually smudge-proof and tear-proof. Easily removable. I am obsessed with finding the perfect mascara to hold curl – so much so that I own about 25 mascaras. The fact is, most mascaras are […]

Soap & Glory?

Suckered in by the cool packaging and clever puns, I bought this little package: This gift set was £10 and came with a Moisturiser, Gleam Spray, a Glitter Stick and a Peach Lip Gloss. My verdict? It wasn’t for me. The moisturiser gave me a awful, red lumpy rash on my chest, that is still itching now :/ The gleam spray is a gimmick really – it adds a sort of oily luminosity to the […]


This is a snap of some of the concealers I own. I didn’t include my Paula Dorf Salmon Coloured concealer though: I love concealer! If there’s one desert island item I would definately take with me it would be a good concealer. On the top left, is RMK with a matching setting powder, called ‘basic’ which is good for setting under eye concealer. RMK is amazing stuff – it is VERY thick and isn’t ideal […]

Review: Tangle Teaser

Ok so my Tangle Teaser arrived today. The kidney shaped brush does not have a handle and needs to be gripped in the palm and has rubbery short bristles. (see below post for info). It hurt my little finger gripping this – hey, I’m the perfect candidate – very long hair, frizz and hard to brush and I got serious arm ache with it. Did it glide through reducing breakage – well less hairs came […]

Nars Night Series Palette

If there’s one thing I love from Nars its the Night Series eyeshadows – they have a base colour and are showered by a subtle shimmer on top which looks amazing if you can get the glitter to stick (you have to press it on, not swipe!). One of my favourites is Night Porter (which is black with a green shimmer). I also have Night Fairy which is Lilac with Gold. I was on a […]

Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution featuring Tang Wei

Didn’t I say this blog is about Make Up and Stuff?! I am a fan of Ang Lee’s film and his versatility in terms of directing dramas (Brokeback Mountain), classics (Sense and Sensiblity) and action (Hulk). His new film post oscar sucess is called Lust, Caution and features veteran actors Tony Leung and Joan Chen. He chose newcomer, Tang Wei to be (argueably) the main protaganist. As soon as I saw the screen shots of […]

Beauty Book Review: The Asian Bridal Look Book

I found this book whilst reading some Asian Bridal Magazine (For American readers, Asian as in Indian and Pakistani descent as opposed to Chinese. I know that in the US, Asian tend to refer to Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese etc.) I love the strong bold looks that carry well on the strong Asian bone structure so I sourced this from Amazon. There is a foreword in this book by Ruby Hammer, of Ruby & Millie fame, supporting the […]

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