2: MU GU Palettes

This is a special feature, a quick review of the items I bought from Shopping99 a Taiwanese site that sells beauty, fashion and lifestyle goods.

MU GU has a large selection of palettes in nice designs and lots of colours. My experience with them are somewhat varied.

First off a multi colour palette with blushes:

This was medium pigmented and of course looks very cute.

This palette is an all eyeshadow one:

This one comes with some little gems to stick on the front – and of all the palette I got, this is probably the most useable.

Next palette. This is 2 tiers, this has cream eyeliners, concealers, powders, and lipglosses:

Bottom tier has a number of shadows, medium pigmented:

It is a cute palette, why not. I just don’t know if I’d reach for it with all the other tons of make up I have.

These next 2 palettes are called Night and Day. These comes with shimmerbricks type blushers and 6 shadows.

This is night:

This next one laid out like a story book:

Shadows on one side, blush and powder on the other, lipglosses on the case bit:

Shadow Swatches:

These are all really well presented and cute palettes, esp nice for those looking to build up their collections and young tweens – but I am suffering from Palette/Make up overload. Methinks a sort out is in order as I have too many new, unopened products. Cosmetic-Candy-Shop anyone?!

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