2 in 1 Eye Cream and Concealer? Try Nip + Fab Eye Fix Brightening Concealer Illuminator Review

A gal who lacks sleep (moi) can never have enough under eye concealers – tis a fact.

And since I think that Nip+Fab (a new brand by Maria Hatzistefanis, the founder of Rodial) is a majorly cute brand, I was happy to try out their Eye Fix Brightening Concealer.

A typical pen type applicator, this product is supposed to hydrate and treat the area as well as brightening it. It is a 2 in 1 product. A one step product for the gloomy mornings sounds good to me!


They say:

“Enriched with hydrating, plumping hyaluronic acid, softening glycerin and cucumber extract to reduce the appearance of puffiness, this clever eye boosting cream will instantly hide imperfections and dark circles with light reflecting particles to leave you looking younger, bright eyed and ready to face the day.”

Eye cream, concealer, handy sized applicator – could you want any more?!


Despite having little sleep I must confess I am not doing too badly dark circle-wise. Nevertheless some under eye concealer makes all the difference.
A tip for Asian girls with my kind of eye shape – always add brightener to the outer corner of the eye, in the little fold at the outer corner of the eye. It instantly lifts the face.

Here is the product. It’s quite a thick concealer, and is quite pink in colour:


I don’t mind it being pink but it was only when I applied it I realised just how light it was next to my NC35/40 skin.

I thought it would be ok – after all Touche Eclat also has a pink edge and that blends in nicely on me:


After patting the product in I was please with how smooth my skin looked – certainly hydrated, however, I think the shade of the concealer is too light for me. On fair skinned ladies, especially those with more pink in their skin, this will probably work really well.

But on me…it was just that bit too light.


Also, whilst it is quite smoothing around the eye area to me, this is no substitute for an eye cream – my eyes for one struggled when wearing this without a cream underneath.

The concealer dries quickly so you have to work fast – an eye cream underneath in my opinion gives you more time to work it into your skin.



Verdict: Worth a go for lighter skinned gals.

Buy the range here!

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  1. Em says

    Good review.

    I love this eye concealer,
    I have to admit I am fair skinned,
    and more on the yellow side than pink, but it works wonderfully for me.
    I think of the treatment side as and added boost to my usual eye creams/gels, rather than a replacement.
    I find it’s smoothing, doesn’t settle in to wrinkles,and doesn’t go cakey or chalky
    and the way it reflects light doesn’t look obvious unlike some brighteners I have tried.

    I can only hope that Nip and Fab will introduce a darker shade so more people can enjoy and love it as much as I do.