2 in 1! Clearasil Ultra All in 1 Wash and Mask Review

Clearasil is not my usual skincare choice (lets be honest!) but as I absolutely ADORE Neutrogena 2 in 1 Wash & Masks so I though it would be fun to test the Clearasil Ultra All In 1 Wash & Mask.

New Clearasil Ultra All in 1 Wash and Mask starts working instantly to fight the causes of spots and breakouts. Use this product in two ways – as a daily cream to help control breakouts, or an express mask for a deeper, more intense clean.


With the Neutrogena mask I apply it and leave it for a good 5 minutes and jump in the shower. The Clearasil mask is a lot quicker! Apparently 10 seconds as a wash or 1 minute as a express mask:#alttext#

Hmm – here is the thing right. 1 minute – can that truly count as a mask? I mean when I am cleansing sometimes I slap the product on my face (foam or cream cleanser) and walk around for a bit, tell a cat off, floss my teeth…doesn’t really make it a mask just because it’s been on my face for longer than 30 seconds, right?

Anyway I used this as a wash (10 seconds??!!) and as a mask. It’s not a bad face wash but a bit drying for me (my skin is DRY and SENSITIVE, but this should be good for oilier complexions). But for me it doesn’t work as a mask.

The Neutrogena is like a clay/mud, so it totally works well as a quick mask. It’s not too shabby as a wash (non foaming but I like that).

The Clearasil mask is clearly the foamy sort:


So for that reason I really don’t think this is a 2 in 1 product in the same way the Neutrogena is. But as a face wash it’s decent and does cut through excess oil (it has since been passed on to my oily skinned work mate who really likes it).

Verdict: Face wash yes, face mask, no.

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