£15 for a 2-hour Make Up and Hair Taster Class at The Session School!

Even though I love make up, clearly I am no trained professional – but that doesn’t mean I don’t harbor the dreams of one day being able to do a bit of make up training.

But when I do it, I want to do study at a good school with good teachers in a nice environment, and for a decent length of time.

A few years ago I did a make up college course in a…shall we call slightly rough area…and let’s just say my lessons (which I paid for, everyone else got free) consisted of having my Shu Uemura make up stolen bit by bit, and listening to how hard it is to buy lager without ID in Spar.

But I digress.

Founded by Dani Guinsberg, and incorporating the talent of Jonathan Long, Ben Cooke & Jennie Roberts, The Session School offers expert training in hair and make up for people who want to pursue a career in the area or just want to do it as a hobby (like me!).


They teach the basics to the more creative type courses, and the classes and small and intimate.

They have now added taster classes which include one hour of make up and one hour of hair for……£15!!!

Also, attendees are offered a 10% discount off further courses booked at The Session School.

Anyway here are some photos of the school – I’ve never visited but it looks lovely;


Directors chair!


Hair styling:


Make up courses – the good ones – are painfully expensive costing thousands at a time, so I think it’s a credit to The Session School that they will offer a taster class at a price that everyone can pretty much afford in order to try out the lessons, meet the teachers and see the school first.

The next Taster Class is due to take place on Saturday 15th January from 11am – 1pm, and The Session School can be contacted on 020 7224 3127 to book a place.

See The Session School Website for more info.

I’m not in London otherwise I would definitely book! If you go let me know how it was!

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