10p Face Masks & 88 Colour Palettes & FOTD

So I am bitter and resentful that you girls Stateside get all the coolest bargains, where as in the UK we are always paying top buck for everything and not even getting decent customer service either.

Anyway there’s a bargain store we have here called – er, Home Bargains. Oh the shame, the shame. I scour the shop for cheap bits and bobs – and I spotted these face masks for 10p each!:

Hey, cheaper than Montage Jeunesse….

So I tested one out today – Strawberries and Cream which is a thermal mask. A sloppy texture but nothing that will drip of the face. But the thermal! Owwwww! It was warming it was boiling. Within a few mins my face began to itch and it dripped a bit into my mouth (and tasted ok actually…but don’t eat face mask, please).

Washed it off now and my skin does feel smooth but also slightly sore – ouch! I am not sure what they can put in a 10p face mask that can make it that beneficial…

Verdict: Give it to the boyfriend.

Not everything at Home Bargains is rubbish though – check out this squirty flower!

19p!! Yeah!! It will come in useful the next time I browse at a MAC counter.

‘Yeah, what chu wont?’

*pppsssttt* water attack

Ooh by they way – this was the free back to mac lippie I choose – Slimshine in High 90s. A orange-red – very bright, and pigmented:

Applied lightly above. To be honest I swatched loads of MAC lippies and nothing captivated me so instead of going for a boring nude, I choose high 90s. Mmmm its ok – would I have paid for it? Nope.

Finally – people seem to be going nuts over these 88 colour palettes. In the UK, the main place to buy them is EBay – I bought one years ago from crazy woman in Canada (who lectured me about how I was deny food from her children because I complained that the item hadn’t arrived after THREE months. Paypal dispute time…”I AM ONLY TRYING TO FEED ME KIDS!!!” But I digress.)

The quality was pretty good – can’t argue about the colours being soft and easy to apply, pigmented and of course great if you don’t have much make up since you cover a huge range of shades.

But the thing is…I was offered a chance to buy 100 pcs of this palette. It all basically comes from the same factories, but with different names printed on the front. Cost? Let’s just say you couldn’t even buy a coffee from Starbucks for the price per unit. You couldn’t actually buy anything from Starbucks for the amount these palettes cost at (small) wholesale. I paid £22 for my 88 palette back in 2005…its a pretty steep mark up.

Finally a quick FOTD!

Products Used:


Giorgio Armani Face Fabric in shade 4
Nars Mounia Blusher
Nars Copacobana under eyes
Nars Palm Beach as contour


Giorgio Armani Bronze Mania Eyeshadow Palette
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Ivy
Tiffa Long Mascara


Nars Chelsea Girls Lip Laquer

Thursday night if Gok’s Fashion Fix night…never really liked How to look good Naked (Answer: Don’t look in the mirror) but Fashion Fix is a great show – Gok really shows he knows what he’s doing! Love, Love, Love him and he’s a nice Chinese* boy.

*I am aware he is mixed race, but Chinese Boy flows better than Anglo-Chinese Boy or Mixed-Race-British-Chinese-Origin.

Every damn week though, Alexa Chung says ‘Ooh it’s a close one this week’. After the break she says, ‘Gok you won by a million votes.’ But you just said it was close! Be consistent Alexa!

Gok has won every week so far. Love him, but the audience who are voting hardly look like Haute Couture aficionados; more like I’d-like-a-doublewhopper-with-cheese-experts.*

*If you have been a member of Gok’s audience please don’t send me hate mail – you know and I know you can’t tell a Herve Leger dress from a chipolata.

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  1. says

    that’s a lovelyl look! I love your closed face shot!!!!
    Gosh! You’ve got the 88pcs e/s palette..everyone has it now!!!

  2. Hai-Man says

    So is it worth investing in the 88 colour palette? Hehe

    I think Gok Wan is 100% Chinese, cos his cousin is friends with Jason and his parents went to her wedding last Sunday apparently!! It’s funny how we are quite tied together!!

    But yeah I love how he can change and alter an outfit and it doesn’t look too OTT. If I tried to do that, it just wouldn’t look right! haha


  3. Row says

    Hey Nikki

    Yeah everyone has it! i bought one about a year and a half ago…I can’t say I use it. Its fine for beginners but I have no reason to use it when I’ve got so man other lovely things!

  4. Row says

    Hi Haiman!!

    Well well well you found me! You can have my 88 palette (if faye doesn’t steal it first!) – its fine but the wholesale price is $1 and people are selling it for $20 so…I personally wouldn’t buy it again – but I did buy mine nearly 2 years ago when I didn’t know better!

    Gok is definately half English, he said so on Johnathan Ross and in lots of interviews that his mother is English and his Dad is Hakka Chinese so they dealt with a lot of racism esp since it was back in the 70s. And he says they are still in love and together after all this time, which is nice.

    Everyone knows someone don’t they..or so they say. Its like how I’d say at school I was related to Bruce Lee. People are so unfamiliar with Chinese people especially in the media they think we are all related!