101 Things About Me………

Seeing as I haven’t posted anything make up-like today, I thought I’d do something a little different for you. This was inspired by this post by the Muse.

I never ever do these kinds of posts normally – the ones where people talk about themselves, what they like and stuff because I don’t think what I have to say about me is particularly interesting.

I blog a lot but I know I am a bit of an enigma. I figured you and I have been dating long enough for me to tell you more about…well, me – the gal behind the blog.


Yes, my mother did cut my fringe herself….

Starting now!

1. I am great at opening lines and dramatic endings

2. But not great at the bits in the middle – which means this post may be a failure

3. I am a twenty-something female

4. I live in the UK

5. Oop North

6. Where I talk to strangers no matter who they are

7. One day I will visit New York

8. And live there, and I will eat hotdogs everyday

9. I also want to visit Tokyo and go to Hello Kitty Land

10. I like Hello Kitty but I hate the fact Paris Hilton does too

11. I am Chinese

12. I am not mixed race although everyone thinks I am

13. My family is filled with Matriarchs which means only strong men survive within in

14. Mr Candy is resilient

15. Mr Candy has amazing aural perception

16. I don’t like men who are smarter than me and Mr Candy definitely isn’t

17. Although he likes to think he is

18. He is possibly the most perfect man on the planet for me as I am intolerable – he is like an extension of my arm…and I don’t mean that in a romantic way, I mean in a freaky-alien-get-this-thing-off-me kind of way

19. I don’t take advice from people who could do with some advice themselves

20. I trust people too easily

21. I have very good perception of people – I’ve never been proved wrong, in the end, about what someone is really like

22. I believe on doing things on principle

23. Even if it makes life a lot harder

24. I need to stop doing things on principle

25. Because I need an easier life

26. I work a lot

27. So I got to bed at 4am and wake up at 8am

28. My late nights are taking its toll on my skin

29. But I believe that your youth is the time to put 100% into your goals

30. I believe in what I am doing, and I believe that things will come to fruition one day

31. I love to write

32. I did a degree in English

33. But my spelling and grammar is awful on this blog – why? Its a bit of free expression, innit!

34. I also studied Photography for a bit

35. I love technology. I would be a disk drive if I could be

34. I am very girly when it comes to clothes, cute things and make up

35. I am very masculine when it comes to work, relationships and farting

36. I love to eat

37. I love scallops in the shell, steamed with garlic

38. I hate liver – I can’t swallow it

39. I collect lots of things – books, notebooks, make up, handbags

40. I like music but tragedy or tragedies – I think musicals are my favourite

41. I love films – I know a lot about films, history, actors etc.

42. I don’t do girly, pointless films most of the time

43. I love gangster films

44. I love Wayne’s World

45. I want to find a song from Wayne’s World called Touch Me by Jennifer Blakeman, but I can’t find it ANYWHERE *hint hint*

46. I hate that bit in “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz when he goes “do-do-do-do-do-do-do-doobe-doobedoooo.” Arse.

47. I can’t wait to get an iphone

48. I did some engineering at British Aerospace when I was at high school, where I was so bad at it, I was told to just sit in the corner and solder metal to a board whilst everyone else put together a clock

49. So I bent the metal bars and spelt out ‘I Luv Ronan’

50. I used to be obsessed with Boyzone

51. It was my alternative to having a boyfriend as I wasn’t allowed one til I was 26 (my mother said). That age has now been lowered.

52. I met Shane from Boyzone once in a bar in Dublin. Lovely. Met Keith too. Arse.

53. I was wearing a tiger print dress when I met him. Oh, dear tasteless youth.

54. I don’t wear heels because I just can’t walk in them

55. I enjoy fashion but I don’t take it seriously at all

56. I have kitties

57. All because the Mr decided he wanted one to do the stuff he’d seen on Icanhazcheeseburger.com

58. Now they are my family too

59. They are so pampered

60. I had a rabbit called Paul as a kid

61. My mother and co. got rid of it because it pooed too much

62. Megan is my cousin

63. My family are hilarious

64. My nan is a nutter but in many ways my hero

65. I bought a Macbook a few years ago now I am a dedicated follower of Apple

66. People feel the need to take the mickey out of me because of this but I can see a place for Apple Macs and PCs….obviously

67. I am a girl gamer

68. I am a Nintendo girl. Screw your Sony, Screw your Sega, Screw your X-box

69. My Childhood was defined by Mario and Zelda

70. I believe you can learn to do anything

71. But you have to want to learn

72. I have a stupid sense of humour

73. I laugh at people tripping up

74. I procrastinate so, so, so much (this blog post is pretty much a procrastination, right?!)

75. I run my live through an organised mess

76. When I am determined nothing will stop me

77. I can’t stand Kate Beckinsale or Amanda Holdern

78. I can’t stand John Barrowman either. I preferred him when he was on Going Live.

79. I love to read, of course but I no longer have the concentration to read a novel. I read factual books more than anything

80. I also love Graphic Novels – everyone should read Maus by Art Spiegelman

81. I love Neil Gaiman too – I did my dissertation on his Sandman series, much to the horror of my tutors.

82. I didn’t get my English degree when I was doing it. Now I totally get it.

83. My favourite writers are George Orwell, Franz Kafka and James Joyce

84. My favourite playwrights are Harold Pinter, Samuel Beckett and good old Shakespeare

85. My favourite poets are William Butler Yeats, Robert Frost and Edgar Allen Poe

86. Maya Angelou is an inspiration as is Spike Milligan

87. I love Greek Mythology

88. I am very fussy about the pen I write with and the paper I use

89. I scribble all the time

90. Its 5.00am in the UK and I’m up in 3 hours

91. The dumbest thing I’ve ever said was to my tutor in a class about Chaucer, when she asked me to tell her something about The Wife of Bath, and I said (because I hadn’t read it) “She’s a woman?”

92. I don’t have lots of friends but the ones I have, I trust and care about

93. I don’t do fair weather friends

94. I am bad at maths, but excellent at working out 20% off

95. I want a baby in a few years, but not before marriage

96. I am quite old fashioned

97. I think I’m dying

98. There are things I’d rather forget

99. But I would rather know than not know. Always.

100. I think that anything worth having needs to be fought for.

101. I think I’d like a cup of tea.

I’m done! It took 40 mins, longer than expected, d’oh.

So, what else do you want to know?!

Tell me something about you!?

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  1. says

    woah. a lot of similarities…and i’m referring to the strange ones…but for that matter, i have a degree in english too :) and i took romantic poetry, thinking that it would be a class about love poems. that’s how much i “got it”.

  2. says

    Wow, I’m amazed that you had perfectly shaped eyebrows at age 4!

    #46 made me LOL
    I thought I was the only one who could relate to #54

  3. Kassandra says

    You called your rabbit PAUL?? really? hehe, well that has given me a much deserved chuckle while I’m sitting here “working hard in uni” lol :)

  4. MandyP says

    Sweety, New York is a vile cesspit fill with assholes and garbage (both the human and inanimate variety) and you don’t ever, EVER want to live there, but feel free to visit (to confirm my assertion).

    PS: Awwww! You were one cute babeh!

  5. pinky says

    i totally heart your blog and has been reading everyday for new update. i am so shocked you are a chinese. where are you from actually? tell us please! :)