10 Day Giveaway Winners!

Here are the 10 winners for the giveaways I ran last week.

Winners please email me with your ADDRESS details by Friday. My email is – Rowena (@) cosmetic-candy.com

Please put in the subject box: 10 DAY GIVEAWAY WINNER

Did you win? Check after the jump!

Day 1 – Jelly Pong Pong Brushes:

Jade Clancy

Monday Giveaway_ Jelly Pong Pong Make Up Brushes — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

Jade, the fact that Alan Cumming can even create a skincare/beauty range is hilarious, I can’t wait to buy this for the mother in lawsomeone I like for Christmas!

Day 2: Eye Lash/Brow Kit:


Tuesday Giveaway_ Girl2Go Eye Lash & Brow Set — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

Day 3: Collection 2000:


Wednesday Giveaway_ Collection 2000 Mascara & Metallics — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

Day 4: Lashes


Thursday Giveaway_ 3 Pairs of Fake Eyelashes — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

Day 5: Natural Collection


Friday Giveaway_ Boots Natural Collection — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

Day 6: NEW ID Lipstick


Saturday Giveaway_ NEW ID Cosmetics Light Up Lipstick — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

Day 7: Purity Face Scrub:


Sunday Giveaway_ Purity Organic Face Scrub — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

Not Neil Buchanan?!

Day 8: Homemade Soap


Monday Giveaway_ 2 Handmade Soaps — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

You don’t wanna see my whole face Rhania!

Day 9: Skinfood Banana Mask


Tuesday Giveaway_ Skinfood Banana Yoghurt Mask — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

Day 10: 3 Chocolate Lip Balms


Wednesday Giveaway_ 3 Chocolate Lip Balms — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

Loved this Haiku, grumpy and very me.

Thanks all for entering!

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  1. diskogal says

    Haha, yep, I’m talking about Neil Buchanan! I told you it’s embarassing…but oh well, I was about 6 at the time, he was much younger too and his papier mache artwork was the best! Let’s keep it between us though…

    Yay I won! I’m sending you my info right away :)