10 Day Giveaway, Thursday 1st January

MUGU Foundation Duo


Would suit lighter tones – I am NC35 and it is a tad light for me.

All items are new.

Answer this question (put the answer in the comment box!):

    What would you like to see more of on this blog for 2009?

      You can enter more than one competition over the next ten days.


      You need to be human
      You can live anywhere in the world
      You can be any sex, race, size etc. etc.
      You can enter as many competitions as you like.
      The products are new and unused but I cannot guarantee you won’t have an allergic reaction – speak the the manufacturer, not me!
      I will announce all winners after the 1st January and ship shortly after.
      I will pay for shipping costs, although not recorded – it’s very expensive you know.
      I will not use your email address for anything dodgy, mainly because I don’t know how.

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  1. Teressa C says

    Happy new year!

    I would like to see some tutorials and to keep up with the lovely reviews and swatces in 2009 😀

    I’ve loved visiting your blog!


  2. Li says

    Japanese cosmetics all the way! Thanks for the tip-off btw my friend bought me Voce and Maquia, I love the actual scientific determining of the best mascara’s etc! Happy New Year! ~

  3. sue says

    Personally, I like to see more FOTD just cause it gives me more ideas/inspiration to try different looks rather than to stick to a usual make up routine like i usually do.

  4. says

    I already love this blog the way it is! Hmm..for the year 2009…I would love to see MORE reviews from you :) and its really great to see reviews from someone who’s really used it and took time to blog about it :)

  5. Yingling says

    What would you like to see more of on this blog for 2009?

    more megan! and reviews/hauls :) i think tutorials are overrated. most people have different eye and face shapes so i feel application tends to be a bit trial and error once you have the basics down pat, though FOTDs are always nice to look still

  6. Li says

    It occurred to me this evening when I was reading Kevyn Aucoin that I’d really like to know what websites and magazines you or anyone else recommends, this one’s such a treasure ! ~

  7. Mable says

    I love your blog! I really like how updates are frequent cuz I visit daily. I would like to see more reviews, top 5 picks in categories (i.e. top 5 foundation picks, top 5 moisturizer picks etc.) and video tutorials from YOUUUUU~

  8. maryjoyce says

    More reviews ! Im such a sucker for reviews, i get easily enabled =) Thanks for blogging, i appreciate your reviews

  9. Caroline says

    I absolutely love reading reviews, and your thoughts on basically anything. I find it amusing to see what other people think on specific topics :)