10 Day Giveaway, Sunday 28rd December

Four Me Me Me blushers (sold at Superdrug, retails £5 each).


You got a bronze, a light peach, pink and peach.

All items are new.

Answer this question (put the answer in the comment box!):

    What film character said to us, ‘Why so serious?’

You can enter more than one competition over the next ten days.


You need to be human
You can live anywhere in the world
You can be any sex, race, size etc. etc.
You can enter as many competitions as you like.
The products are new and unused but I cannot guarantee you won’t have an allergic reaction – speak the the manufacturer, not me!
I will announce all winners after the 1st January and ship shortly after.
I will pay for shipping costs, although not recorded – it’s very expensive you know.
I will not use your email address for anything dodgy, mainly because I don’t know how.

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  1. the joker out of batman the dark night!!
    “Why so serious?” haha

  2. The answer is the Joker.

  3. First!

    The answer is Joker from The Dark Night

  4. The joker!

  5. JOKER!

  6. Heath Ledger’s “The Joker” in The Dark Knight 😀

  7. The Dark Knight…just rewatched it a few days ago! Guess you know already but your site was down for a bit, I got feeds but couldn’t get anything to load on both IE and Firefox. Was gonna email you but guess you got it fixed.

  8. whoops the answer to your actual question would be the joker. LOL

  9. The Joker!

  10. The Joker from Batman

  11. The Joker from Dark Knight~ <3
    Oh why so sexy? DX

  12. Jacqueline says:

    The Joker!!! (played by Heathe Ledger in The Dark Knight)

  13. The Joker from Batman!

  14. Joker from dark knight!

  15. TheMakeupFairy says:

    Eventough i haven’t seen the movie: Joker from the movie The Dark Knight (Batman) offcourse

  16. Joker from the Batman movie: The Dark Knight :)

  17. The Joker :) i loved heath ledger in dark knight

  18. The Joker! He seriously gave me the shivers!

  19. The Joker in The Dark Knight. Thank you! Awesome giveaway!

  20. That’s one of The Joker’s lines from The Dark Knight! :)

  21. Joker!!! I loveeeeeeee him!!!

  22. The Joker

    *oh no, im missing heath ledger again*

  23. The Joker from Batman (The Dark Knight)! =)

  24. The Joker

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