01.01.2010 is a lot of 01’s & Winner Announcements!

Happy New Year People (again!)

Just a few things….Giveaways….

Got the 5 winners of the pre-christmas random giveaways coming up (look out for your name on Sunday 3rd Jan!)

Another 5 day giveaway will be starting on Monday 4th January so more fun!

Blog Sale…

Thinking of doing one more blog sale as a New Year clear out, and hopefully I won’t have to do one again for a long while (stressful, much?!). I have too many nice items that I’ve bought, a lot of it only used once, many that haven’t even been unboxed, to waste in a drawer.

I counted 16 foundations that I have in rotation people! How can it not be time for a blog sale? Would you be interested?

cat glasses.jpg

On a personal note…

I’ve decided to make a note of my spending and its working ….ok so its only the 1st but I am trying to keep a grip on things! I’ve already said no to some amazing online bargains so I think that’s progress.

I’ve also decided to delve more into drug store products. Of course, you can take a girl out of Selfridges, but you can’t take the Selfridges out of a girl, but I’ve spotted a few bits I want to pick up from L’oreal and Bloom in the Superdrug 3 for 2 offer…that’s got to be more progress?!

I will also be answering readers questions. I’ve had a couple that have been waiting for an answer (sorry!) and will get right on them. If you have a question, personal or make up related, you can ask here or email me if you’re shy….

January will be…

An exciting month I think. In terms of my personal life, my work life and also blog life. I’ll be travelling about and focusing on new projects. I also have a change of address, if you are someone who has my address for whatever reason please email me for an update.

Look out for some fun announcements soon! If you’ve got a moment, finish the sentence – “January will be…”

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  1. Alix says

    Full of snow, I hope (hey, I like it)! Plus hot tea, good books, lazy weekends and hours spent on my favorite beauty blogs, including this one!

  2. Claire says

    Can’t wait for the next blog sale, and hope I can snag something this time. Great job, Rowena. (: