Wipe & Go! Kao Biore Cleansing Cloths Review

Cleansing cloths are everywhere aren’t they?

Suddenly, they’re not wet wipes. They’re cleansing cloths!

I do use these wipes for when I’m swatching, but never ever just to clean my face. It never feels totally clean to me and makes me skin a little irritated.

When I saw these Japan release facial wipes from Biore, I just had to try!

Biore cleansing wipes.jpg

You get a pack of (fairly small) 46 cleansing cloths. They feel wet without being too wet and the cloths are tough but not hard. They aren’t fluffy either….they’re more like Wet Wipes than anything else.

According to the listing theres as much as 141ml of cleansing lotion embedded into these cloths!

Unlike other cloths, these are supposed to be good enough for deep cleaning, clearing pores etc. etc.

biore cleansing wipes-1.jpg

It comes in a sturdy pink case and the wipes come in a foil pack.

I’ve been using these for a while now and I do really like them. For removing lipstick and basic make up it gets things really nicely clean without any stinging!

The only downside is the side of the cloths – they aren’t that big and it feels like if you are wearing a fair amount of make up, the wipe won’t go far…

biore face wipes.jpg

These cost me about £9 including shipping, so you can see why I sam saving these for my face and not for my hands!

The average pack of face wipes, especially with Boots and Superdrug brands, only cost £2-£3. The No. 7 face wipes I think are about £6 but you get more than in this pack….
Therefore, I don’t think this Biore set is very good value. You don’t get that many and its expensive for what it is.

Bear in mind the price I paid was on eBay. If you are in Japan or Asia where this is sold, the price may be far more reasonable.

biore facial wipes.jpg


Fantastic face wipes, really gets you clean but not great value for money and the sheets would be better if they were larger in terms of surface area.

(eBay seller: Alphabeautyuk)

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