Want to buy from the USA?

Is it just me or do they have a much better choice and much lower prices in the US then we have in the UK? (ie. double the price?! Half the choice?!).

I found a great website for people don’t have their own Muses, ISHOP AMERICA is great.

You can buy ANYTHING from the US, using their online form, and they will receive the item and send it out to you wherever you are in the world.

There are so many great websites to buy from in the US but just watch the prices for shipping and of course the dreaded customs charges (applicable for anything over Β£18.)

Get a quote here.

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  1. the Muse says:

    LOL rows *mwah*

    I laughed at “don’t have their own muse’s”


    Honey I’ll personal shop for you any day of the week πŸ˜‰ I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful mate πŸ˜‰

    which reminds me how about that bill nye palette?


  2. Anonymous says:

    if you want to see more colours, check out http://www.mycosmetics.com.au – just found it today. New site. Over 120 eyeshadow colours.

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