Want sparkly legs?! Naris Up Be Body Leg Mousse Mote-Ashi Massager Review

You know I find the strangest things to review sometimes….

This Naris Up Be Body Attractive Leg Mousse is a massage lotion that refreshes the legs. It can help with tiredness, discomfort, and it contains grapefruit and menthol to refresh.  There’s a sparkly pearl in this to leave your legs…well sparkly, and it hydrates a tiny bit.

It comes in a can like this:Naris Up Be Body Leg Massage Mousse 1

Oh yes, I do get horribly sore legs sometimes.  If you’re interested, Red Vine Leaf extract worked a treat on me and I do love, love, love a leg massage (done by someone else, of course!).

This product is interesting because it is a mousse, and usually I’d get a massage with a cream of some sort…

The can looks like this. Aerosols worry me, as I always wonder if the products have tons of alcohol in them.

Naris Up Be Body Leg Mousse Massager

This product is a crackly mousse, just like the Scholl foot refresh crackling spray.

It is not a rich hydrating mousse, it’s not a foam, it’s quite a thin textured, quick absorbing crackly mousse.  By quick absorbing, I mean it takes about 2-3 minutes to sink in fully. To me this is not enough time to do a really good massage, and even then why would you want that glittery stuff all over the place…

Naris Up Leg Massage Mousse

FYI: That is Mr C’s leg – he as not happy when I slapped it on him I tell ya. It is not an extremely hairy part of my body!

It’s quite hard to see, but there’s some sparkle on my palm where I applied the mousse. It’s not horrible glitter or anything but it’s definitely there, trying a bit too hard:

Naris Up Be Body Leg Mousse Mote Ashi Massager Review


I wouldn’t call this a massage mousse – the crackling isn’t exactly relaxing and it sinks in too quickly.

However it is a lovely refreshing product – like the Scholl product but for legs.  I noticed a bit of irritation around my ankles (I am so sensitive at the moment to everything) – funky products do tend to make me itch. It was fine on my upper legs and feet though.

This is a nice product if you like sparkle, grapefruit and cool legs!

I bought this from eBay.

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  1. Jen says

    That picture of Mr C’s hairy leg made me lol because I wasn’t expecting it when I was scrolling through the review 😀 I’m not a huge fan of glitter in skincare (I’m sure I had a mousse moisturiser, from Olay I think, that contained glitter and I didn’t notice until someone at work pointed it out to me!), so I will probably stick to the red vine leaf gel