US Giveaway: Win Dr Perricone Advanced Eye Area Therapy worth $95

A treat to US readers – win a full size bottle of Advanced Eye Area Therapy worth $95 from NV Perricone.

Advanced Eye Area Therapy - Vitamin C Ester - Skin Care - Perricone MD.jpg

They say:

This treatment is formulated with DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid to help prevent and correct the early signs of aging that appear around the delicate eye area, making us look older than we really are.

Based in the US and want to win it?Tell me this in the comments:

What eye care tips do you have – can be for the appearance of your eyes or for the health of your vision?


Eat lots of carrots, rest your eyes when you can and don’t stare at the computer screen for too long!

Winner Announced on the 1st Dec!

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  1. Grad School Mommy says

    I take a multivitamin and get regular eye checkups from an opthalmalogist. And, of course, I use a good moisturizer for the appearance aspect. :) I’d love to try this particular product from Perricone MD — and see if it could help me stave off those little “laugh” lines…

  2. Sukiee says

    I go to the opticians once a year to get my eyes checked out and I am really careful about how I apply make up!

  3. Alexandria says

    I take an omega 3 fish oil pill daily and get plenty of good nutrition for my overall health as well as my eye health. I also avoid any hard squinting or frowning to keep the skin around my eye smooth.

  4. Christie says

    Wear sunglasses at all times when outdoors during the day – and while driving – during the day of course :) And make sure to remove all eye makeup/mascara at the end of each day!

  5. cy says

    Try to take a break every so often if you sit in front of the monitor normally.
    Also sounds obvious but try to blink more, it hydrates the eyes!

  6. says

    They do this every time with PerriconeMD. US only. umm does it count if I have a US address (friend)?
    If it’s okay, then my trick is to blink a lot in a short time period. And of course, don’t stare at the screen without blinking!

  7. Grad School Mommy says

    Another suggestion to keep your eyes healthy & looking their best: toss old make-up on a regular basis (3-6 months for most products, like eye liner, mascara, etc). And *never* use the make up testers at department store counters. (That’s just my own two cents.) :)

  8. says

    this is such a great giveaway!! I’m not sure if I’m to late, but this would be a great birthday present for me!! :) Esp. since today is my birthday!! :)