UK Giveaway: Win Bionsen Goody Set to Stay Smellin’ Good!

Everyone stinks of OB (as my aunt calls it) sometimes. (For those who haven’t quite woken up yet, yes I do mean BO. Body Odour.)

Three UK readers will win a set of 4 items:

Bionsen Range.jpg.jpg

I am not a deodorant devotee basically because I find most of them too harsh on my pits, and I get a dry itchy rash whether its a spray or a roll on. However – I do use this range – Bionsen.

I used their crystal spray a while ago and found it a little difficult to look after (the crystals can start to stick together). But they have kept the natural element of their deodorant and incorporated it into easy to use roll on/sprays/creams.

Biosen contains Japanese spa minerals and has no parbens or aluminium. Bionsen simply prevents bacteria from growing and is as effective at neutralising body odours as the leading brands.

To Win tell me in the comments:

What is the smelliest thing you have ever smelt?


Meat in the heat. I was in a market when I was on holiday and this meat was just hung out there in the sun and it was the most pungent, horrid, mouldy stink.

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  1. sassyele says

    to be honest…the fish quays at North Shields – it used to make me gag every time, now i just have to put up with the rank smell of chicken crap – my neighbours use it on their garden, and its unbearable – especially in summer!! x

  2. Alexandria says

    A fish tank after our fish sitter let our pets die while we were on vacation. Metallic twanky funky funk. I can TASTE it still it was so rancid.

  3. sherie buck says

    I think the smelliest thing for me is Stilton cheese, with xmas coming up I know there will be some in the fridge, oh and it makes everything else smell. phew it is a horrible smell

  4. Caroline says

    In a market in Hong Kong which didn’t have any Aircon and they were selling loads of fish, dried ones, fat ones, every type. The stench was so nasty in the heat!

  5. Jo B says

    Has to be a mouldy potato of carrot especially as I mistakenly pick itup and my finger squelches in, making it seem worse.

  6. Cher says

    Gone off, curdled milk.. which I poured nonchalantly into my rice krispies one morning and had a mouth full of before realising. I have never, ever, recovered from it. Wretch!!!!!!

  7. Jade Tango says

    Off ham!!! I ate a bit of it as there was a good piece above it and it wasn’t until I moved it that the stench came out, once I smelt it I knew it was wrong so I told me boyfriend who decided he would eat it!!! We both received a nasty case of food poisoning and a lifelong fear of ham lol

  8. Carla says

    Kippers in a friends fridge, they were weeks old and stank her house out for ages afterwards…eewwww

  9. Verityeileen says

    One of my cats once managed to push her food dish under a cupboard without my noticing. Until, that is, maggots started crawling from under the cupboard, and I realised that the smell wasn’t the rubbish chute on our balcony…. Putrid.