Totally Multi Use Balm and Oil? Etude House Any Oil Mist 21 and Any Balm 21 Review

I’ve never really been too interested in body wash or body moisturisers until recently; now I appreciate a really nice smelling, hydrating wash and some lovely body moisturiser too.  I like body oils because they appeal to how lazy I am – anything that takes ages to rub and sink in annoys me!

Etude House Any Oil 21is called this because has ’21 recommended uses’.  I am sure at a stretch you can think of a few more! With these kind of oils and balms, it’s just a matter of common sense really; usually you can use them on your body, face, cuticles and hair.  There is a balm, spray on mist oil (the two I bought) and a plain oil in a glass jar in the range.

I like the retro packaging:

Etude House Any oil 21

The mist is a spray on oil which can be used all over. It tells you to shake it well before using but avoid ht eyes.  It also says to be careful if using it somewhere where the floor is slippy (bathroom) as the mist can go…everywhere…

The Any Balm 21 comes in a flat tub and is a typical medium hard none scented balm.

Etude House Any Oil Mist Any Balm 21

I’ve found both products quite nice to use although they don’t have anything majorly appealing either – for example, organic ingredients or a really nice scent (the don’t really smell of anything).  Therefore they’re quite general use products…I think you could find similar for less money.

The Mist has been handy to use after a shower but it’s not economical – these aerosol mists never do last that long and the mist is very fine so you might need to go over yourself a few times. By the time you’ve misted your whole body it’s taken a while because it has a problem of spraying if you’re holding the can at a funny angle. It has to be upright or nothing!

The balm is also quite a simple balm – it melts nicely to apply on the skin but I just think I have better balms (I have purchased quite a few to use recently and I think they are better).  It’s moisturising but not so amazingly that it feels tons better afterwards – you still need to slap more on to super dry areas.

Etude House Any oil Mist 21

Ingredients – for the Any Balm (there’s lots of different types of oil in it although I wouldn’t say it’s an organic product!)

Etude House Any Balm 21 Ingredients

Here are the ingredients for the mist:

Etude house anywhere anytime Oil Mist

I paid about £8-£11 for these products from eBay. They’re nice enough but I wouldn’t repurchase.

Do you have any favourite body oils and balms?


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  1. Jen says

    For some reason, that last pic reminds me of car polishing products lol
    For me, these sound like functional products rather than fun products, whereas I usually prefer things that have a nice scent and that seem to do more. However, after saying that, the product I most reach for after showering is jojoba and/or argan oil, works a treat for dry skin and when I’m done massaging it into the skin, I just run my fingers through my hair and it makes it super soft and silky after drying….brilliant multifunctional products!