Timewasting Tutorial: Melt everything!

I have a quite a lot of work to do, many words to churn out and what does a good procrastinator do? Finds things to melt into palettes!

I have had a few empty palettes lying around for a while now I was intending to make into useful palettes. My Nars Multiples have lasted FOREVER. I must have chopped an inch off them now for various palettes but there was more than enough for another palette!

nars multiple.jpg

I gathered 12 and totally forgot to get my Copacobana out! Grrr. The palette – (that’s a sticker I nicked off a child)

DSC02203 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

I like these new palettes you can get from eBay – not too small, not to big, removable pans for flexibility. I get mine from eBay for about £6 NOT Coastal Scents – I would highly recommend UK ladies go to eBay as its cheaper overall.

DSC02204 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Labels for the back:

DSC02205 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Grab a candle. You also need tissue, sanitizer, a knife and a spoon (stainless steel) (ooh this is turning into a tutorial – I have plenty of tutorials on depotting/making palettes on this site btw):

DSC02206 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Isopropyl Alcohol – clean your tools! Slice some of your product:

DSC02207 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Melt over the candle:

DSC02208 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg


DSC02209 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg


DSC02210 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Stir and pour into pan (take out of the palette):

DSC02212 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Argh! I hate little imperfections:

DSC02213 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg


1. Always sanitize your tools. Beware – if you Isopropyl Alcohol to wipe the spoon, if it touches the flame it will crackle and possibly explode a little. So…

2. Do not let the spoon touch the flame because…

3. You want the product to melt NOT BOIL. If you BOIL it it may change colour and lose some shimmer too…

4. With shimmer shades you MUST stir stir stir quickly to spread the glitter and pigment before you pour.

5. Every product is different – some are thicker and will never get very liquid so you need to work with this quickly, others will liquify very fast.

Finished palette:

nars multiple-1.jpg

Shades (L-R, Top to Bottom)

Mauritus, Orgasm, Portfino, Cannes

Mustique, South Beach, Maldives, St Barts

Riveria, Malibu, Palm Beach, Wakiki

I can’t believe I missed out my baby, Copacabana (a highlighter).

Come on Nars! Bring out some new shades!

Because that went smoothly I decided to melt down my Nars Lipstick collection too. I included a Burts Bees Lip Balm because Nars Lipsticks are quite dry:

nars lipstick.jpg

I got this palette from Screenface for some silly price like £20:


Anyway I did the same thing as with the Multiple palettes, but it is SO much harder when filling small spaces. Next time I will use a pippette because this was incredibly time consuming to make as I just have to have clean edges!

Word of warning – I had a free space so I put an Anna Suit glittery lipstick in there and I think it may be the heat of it that made the pan pop up and close the well!:

DSC02226 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

No idea why as the lipstick was no more heated than the other colours but be aware when you are making you palette – creamy lipsticks will work best. Maybe I should put a sticker on that space and make it a feature?!

Time wasted: 5 hours

And of course two totally necessary, useful palettes to take away with me and use in the morning!

Now – what else can I melt down? Can cats be compacted?!

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  1. Elle says

    I’m quite embarrassed to say this, but I wasn’t aware of the possibility to make your own palettes this way XD

    • Row says

      Hi Elle

      Yeah it doesn’t have to be a fancy palette either, empty pots and things work well!

  2. Blair says

    the Nars palette turned out beautifully! £20 for something that doesn’t react well to heat is a nono hahaha – I bet you were pissed at it for marring your hard work lol!

    • Row says

      Hey Blair

      That’s a good point you know…hmmm….I might complain because its quite a lot of money for the palette!

  3. says

    Great idea, was reading about this on someone else’s blog the other day and I as much as I really love the idea I’m not sure I can bare to do it to all my lippies. I mean, I hate applying lippie with a brush, but on the other hand I ove things together and compact…

    Descisions descisions…

    • Row says

      Hi Rebecca

      I KNOW! espeically when you are cutting through a £20 lipstick…its pretty painful. I’ve decided I am going to do that to all my NYX lipsticks though cos I have like 30 and I will never carry them all around (as separate tubes) – can you imagine? I would need a bag for life, just for my lipsticks :)

  4. louise says

    Hi Row,wow that makes me think back to when i first started doing make up and i wanted so badly the screenface lipsticks that came in stack that you could un-screw,you see it was the in thing at the time and every one had screen face so i got a load of my own lippys and melted them into the same style pots,i thought it was so cool!!! I now know that screen face is ok but there is so much better out there!anyway that aside i wanted to ask was the multi sticks ok afterwards?like the pigment is still there,its not fadded it? i so need to do this what a great space saver a with my kit been the size it is,thanks for the great tip huni,oh i havent done it for so long im sure ill make a great mess,but i know ill love it!lol!oh before i go do you have the name of the ebayer to get the palette from?thanks again luv Lou x

  5. says

    I love this. And thank you for sharing because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to depot some multiples that I have. It makes total sense for my kit so seeing this it is possible helps a whole lot.