Thursday Giveaway: Win a set of Montagne Jeunesse Tottle Face Masks!

So you’ve just seen my review, wanna win a set of Montagne Jeunesse Tottle Face Masks for yourself?

You will get – 1 x Damask Rose, 1 x Sensuous Spice, 1 x Dark Chocolate and 1 x Tropical Peel Off Mask.


Want to win?

Answer the following question:

What would your dream face mask ‘flavour’ be?


Food always wins, so I’d go for a chocolate-matcha-raspberry swirl.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

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*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Winner chosen in 1 week!

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  1. Louise Strachan says:

    I love Lemon so a lemon facemask would be fantastic and really zingy on the skin x

  2. Definitely something with chocolate in – how about three way chocolate swirl – white, milk and plain all swirled together….

  3. Sharon Bell says:

    Your probably gonna think i’m a right weirdo but I’d go with Cucumber!!

  4. Heavenlyink says:

    I love cheese so probably Wensleydale & cranberry flavour..mmmmmm!lol

  5. i’d choose japanese mango pudding flavour!

  6. Julie Brett says:

    Anything that didn’t want me to lick it off.

  7. I’d love a macaron-flavoured mask :)
    That’s my tweet + I’m following you!

  8. Mint choc chip face mask would be lovely!

  9. definitely; a kiwi-melon-mask-flavour!

  10. Laura Sterling says:

    strawberry and mango

  11. I’d have a refreshing peach iced tea mask

  12. Cappuccino mask for a wake up call πŸ˜‰

  13. My facial mask would contain green tea and orange. Quite curious what that would do for my sin actually. Energising orange versus soothing tea? Must try to make a DIY version of this. =o

    Also, my tweet is here:

  14. I love the combo of apple and cinnamon, so that would be my dream face mask “flavour” πŸ˜‰


  15. Something creative. Gin and tonic!

  16. Stacy Jeanette Ward says:

    I go for Cherry Coke one, it would actually have to fizz while you put it on!

  17. Oooh they sell these in the US at my pharmacy. I know what I am going to pick up and test out! I’ve been trying to find a good face mask that does what it claims and isn’t to expensive. Thank you so much for the review about these πŸ˜€

  18. That’s what I get for having multiple tabs open. *shakes head at self*

    My mask flavor would be Chocolate Fudge Sunday!

  19. Linda Osborne says:

    It has to be CREAM SODA my favourite childhood drink, loved the taste, and the smell, hhmmmmm

  20. Hmmm think my dream flavour would be candy floss or blueberry…or maybe a mix of the two!

  21. Rebecca Ho says:

    hmmm…. mine would be strawberries and cream because thats like my all time favourite flavour for almost anything!
    or green apple… yum.. sour green apple sweets… :)

  22. Simple chocolate, hands down. But I would try to eat it then LOL

  23. I want coffe mixed in with Baileys. Yum! It’d smell so gorgeous! I love those two combined scents, even though I can’t stand drinking coffe.

  24. Vodka, lime and lemonade. Quite astringent and very refreshing on the skin. Plus the alcohol will help clear any blemishes.

  25. tousledkitten says:

    Mmm, lemon curd flavour haha.

  26. I think it would have to be matcha ice-cream with azuki beans…all that creamy green tea goodness with ground azuki beans to exfoliate when washing the mask off!
    Makes for a yummy dessert as well hehe

  27. Strawberry cheesecake and fresh cream…calorie free :)

  28. stephanie cummins says:

    What would your dream face mask β€˜flavour’ be?

    i like your choc and raspberry one that sounds lovely…i would also go for choc but with orange….like a terry’s choc orange scent πŸ˜€

    gfc:stephanie cummins


  29. Karen Scammell says:

    watermelon x

  30. I’d have to go with two: a reese’s peanut butter cup face mask, to moisturize.
    And then a little bit gross: a cheese fondue mask, to protect the skin from the winter cold!

  31. waah i hope i win this , one of my fav face masque πŸ˜€
    my dream flavor would marshmallows with a whitening collagen xD

  32. hm…I’d have to go with citrus and freesia, just for the smell

  33. Coffee flavoured cuz it smells better than it tastes!

  34. im gonna go for dark chocolate mint he he .. (im a chocoholic) and smell of chocolate relieves my stress as well.. (just perfect)

  35. I’d say chocolate but I might try to eat it so I’d have to go for fresh coffee beans instead.

  36. Mine will be creamy vanilla coconut with hint of eucalyptus and lavender .mmmmm

  37. lemon zest with the sour apple flavour would be so gorgeous!

  38. rhamnousia says:

    Fish and chips.

    I haven’t had any for ages and as I use a mask once a week, it would be a nice smellfest treat with no calories.

  39. Chestnut! Or Milk&Honey!

  40. Mine would be icy cool minty flavor…it adds a hint of refreshing feeling which i like very much…xD

  41. Expresso

  42. Watermelon

  43. electronicfly says:

    Mountain Fresh Air. No other scent can be as relaxing as that πŸ˜€

  44. electronicfly says:

    Mountain Fresh Air. No other scent can be as relaxing as that πŸ˜€

    Oh, I tweeted as well :)

  45. Heather Shaw says:

    White chocolate and strawberry… Yummy! But i would worry that i would end up eating it!!

  46. Pineapple

  47. I love pineapple. It’s so fresh and sweet. I’d really like a pineapple mask.

  48. My dream mask flavor would be black sesame chocolate chip, yum!

  49. Diane Rice says:

    Chocolate with a mint swirl through it and an edible one so that you could scrap it off and scoff it afterwards. No sense wasting it!!

  50. catherine cullen says:

    mine would be thorntons viennese truffle flavour

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