Friday Giveaway: Boots Natural Collection

Its 10 days of giveaways girls, as I attempt to hand out some booty and free up some space for that pony I’ve been saving up for! International readers welcome and you may enter as many giveaways as you like.

Also look out for our 10 day Sleek palette giveaway running til the 20th November!

All winners announced on the 23rd November.

boots natural collection.jpg

The Prize: A Boots Natural Collection foundation in Honey (warm tone), lipgloss and blusher in peach (very pretty).

Question:I am still considering making YouTube videos….maybe. Can’t decide…

So, if you could see me make any video at all for YouTube, what would you prefer?


Erm – I am thinking reviews? But what? *ponders*

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  1. tousledkitten says

    Not sure if my comment is posting or not. It could be because I included a link? I like videos of reviews of beauty and make-up products, especially more expensive products that I might be hesitant to buy. I have recently started making a few videos on YT and have the same username there if you want to check them out. I love getting feedback. :-)

  2. Nina says

    I appreciate all the reviews you do but it would be great if I see you do it in video! Basically the stuff you love like those Asian brands and the expensive goodies. I see enough videos on MAC and all those mainstream cosmetic brands so I do appreciate you bringing something fresh to the table. :)

  3. Halifax says

    It’s certainly lovely to see and hear you in action :-) Anything will do really, even daily chit chat, rant, and stuff :-)

  4. says

    TBH I’d prefer tutorials or looks :) I tend to get bored with review videos, not to mention its hard to see good swatches properly on videos.

  5. sue says

    I’m all for tutorials because then I wouldn’t be wasting time on Youtube. I’d be learning-getting make up application tips!

  6. says

    Anything along the lines of reviews, rants, *tutorials* would be good. In good honesty though, be inciteful. Cucumpear said she preferred reviews with application tips & Blue said she rather read reviews than watch. I like both but with review videos, be comparative & show us (as best as you can) the texture & “feel” of the product. I dislike swatches as they can be washed out once the video is upload so it’s more informative to bring movement to a product. And above all else, the high end & foreign cosmetics! Not all of us are sponsored on Youtube or have jobs that allow us to spend frequently on our “wants” & not needs so some of us really need to know if it’s worth the high price tag :(

  7. kelily says

    I prefer tutorials – I especially love tutorials that take runway/high fashion looks and adapt them into wearable styles.

  8. Alli says

    I’d love to see reviews and you applying the makeup, because the camera flash sometimes throws me off :(
    Your rants are also extremely funny! If you posted some rants, I’d have lots of laughs to brighten up a bad day :)

  9. Rachel says

    I’d love for you to share some beauty do’s and don’ts at a makeup counter base on your experience. I cringe everytime I see a girl picks up a mascara tester and apply it directly on her lashes! It’s very disgusting and unsafe. I think a lot of us don’t realize that. Also, you can share how to deal with a snobby SA who can’t be bothered to talk to us.

  10. Jan says

    definitely tutorials- the photos are wonderful in the tutorials- but knowing exactly how to apply makeup, any extra tips etc. would be so useful!! :) do the purple smokey look- i am absolutely in love with that look

  11. says

    I’ll love some tutorials. I didn’t see much of your full face photos here in your blog. So I’ll be very interested to see your full face make up more.

    P/S : please show some of your cats too… pleeeeeeeeeeease….

  12. diskogal says

    Everything you write about! Reviews, tutorials, chit chat, rants (esp. the latter!!). Yes, you ranting on video would be awesome. And we’d really like to see those kitties in action too!

  13. Cheryl says

    Definitely skincare reviews, makeup tutorials, a what’s in my bag video and a video on your makeup and skincare collection! I’m so psyched to think about watching those! =)

  14. says

    It would be fab to see a combination of both reviews & tutorials – to test your multitasking skills, you could be applying a liquid liner, and talking at the same time about how easy it is to apply. Now that I’d love to see!!

  15. says

    combination of both reviews & tutorials and come up with different range of products from all over the worild, dont limit yourself ,looks for different color of ppl, diff ethnicity and ofcourse who wodnt love reviews :)