This is what I’ve learned from spending 3 hours at The Trafford Centre

i. Come November there will be tons and tons of annoying people (me included) in The Trafford Centre doing their Christmas shopping which means you will be shoved from pillar to post. Just be grateful there’s no Primark in there.

ii. If you have scheduled a make over with RMK and the person doing it has actually gone home, you will be ever so slightly irritated but at least the nice temp girl shoves a few goodies in your bag.

iii. The Armani Crystal Collection which costs an arm and a leg is actually extremely beautiful in the flesh even though it looks bland, but the Armani girl will spend so long gassing to her mate from Aveda, she will ignore you.

v. The girl from Aveda ironically will tell you she can’t fulfill your birthday voucher freebie, as she’s busy but she’s actually too busy chatting the girl from Armani who is then also too busy to serve you which is fine because you just go to John Lewis’s to look at…

vi. …the new Guerlain collection, only to realize the ladies in John Lewis are wayyyy scarier than the young chicks in Selfridges, and as you swatch the Guerlain smokey palette you will realize that the two silvers look the same and the two browns look the same so it’s actually quite an annoying palette and their double ended mascara looks like a spanner its so big so you wonder by…

vii. ….Givenchy and WOW, do they have a stunning Christmas collection and a nice SA to boot so you buy more crap…back to boots to realize that….

viii. …Choosing a lipstick for your mother is really really really hard and it’s amazing how hard it is to find ‘the one’ for someone else.

iX. YSL Rouge Volupte is such a beautiful, glossy, stunning textured lipstick but the colour selection is complete and utter shite.

x. Chanel Phi Phi is an LE. Boooo.

I know, educational trip.

I have had an absolute haul bonanza, so lots and lots of pictures and reviews coming up at the moment, I need sleep like Sienna Miller needs a chastity belt.

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  1. says

    I agree about the colour selection of YSL’s RV. I still hope that their Nude Beige will flatter me though (haven’t splurged on that yet).

    I got the bday vouchers from Aveda too! That sucks about that SA. Are you going to go back and try again with a different SA?

  2. Row says

    Hi Blu!

    There was one colour I swatched – i think it was no3 a rich nudey brown which looked very pretty but I really struggled to find ANYTHING else wearable, and I will pretty much wear anything compared to your average make up wearing woman. I tried to find a rose for my mother from this range – impossible, they were all garish.

    Did you go to Aveda? I got it last year and got the scent which…was ok but I lost it and never found it again. I think I might get something useful this time like a shampoo or shower gel! I will try a SA at a different shop I think!