Miffy and Yuskin


I already mentioned my love for Miffy and Yuskin collaborating and here are the goodies; Cute! Cute! Yet more boxes to hoard. The main thing I have noticed is that the cream and lotion are both fairly liquid and the tradition gel like yellowy texture of Yuskin is NOT present with this range. Both the cream and lotion are white and sink in easily. If you want a heavy duty cream like the original Yuskin […]

Yu Skin / Yu Be loves Miffy


Screw you MAC and your Hello Kitty collection. Before our favourite little kitty cat took over the world, there was a tight lipped, dignified little rabbit, called Miffy. I like Miffy. Whilst Hello Kitty is whoring herself out, promoting MAC and getting skin cancer.. Miffy stays tight lipped and keeps it real. So I squealed like a girl, a real girl when I saw Yu Skin’s (or Yu Be in Europe) Bruna* range with Miffy: […]

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