Happy Friday!

Hi Ladies! You may have noticed a lack of posts this week – I have just been so tired, too tired to post, reply to emails or do very much other than eat cereal and oranges! I hope to feel more energetic soon and can work on this blog and the others I have been neglecting, plus some videos! I thought I’d leave you with a video I saw yesterday which features a moving message […]

New Year Must Watch: RSA YouTube Videos

Not beauty related, but I love the RSA animated videos on YouTube. I find them highly inspiring, when I feel down I watch one to pick me up, to open my mind. Check them out if you haven’t already. I do love the animated ones, they really draw you attention to what has been said and clarify some complex theories: Guess what my mum has made for dinner tonight? Turkey! It’s not Christmas!

New Video! Halloween Tutorial, Japanese Horror Film Style

Ok, so we were pressed for time… Nevertheless I hope you enjoy our Halloween offering. One day, when Megan has a boyfriend…I will make sure I show him all of her clips. If you ask me, the wig is quite Kim Kardashian? I remember the first time I saw The Ring, one of those late night films on Channel 4 – scared the living crap out of me. I can’t believed she xxx out of […]

New Video & 5 Things That Help When You’re Ill


Hello gorgeous ladies, Last night I thought I was going to die as the shakes completely took over my body…every part of me was aching. I have no idea if this diet I am doing is slowly killing me or if it was a bug just waiting for the right moment to take over my system but let’s just say I am not a happy bunny. So I prescribe 5 things that will make you […]

New Video is coming!


Sorry it’s taken me so long! So much for being on a roll with videos but respect to the girls that do it – it’s hard work thinking of ideas, planning, filming, putting it together and producing something entertaining and under 10 minutes! The new video is probably the kind of video I will end up producing the most – make up themed, but ultimately, a bit of fun! Anyway, subscribe to the channel HERE […]

Dying of Hayfever…? Runny Nose, Itchy Eyes, Tips Tips TIps


I’ve been running around completely cocky this year, telling everyone how I was once a hardcore sufferer of Hayfever and had got over it due to improved immunity to allergens due to living with cats. IITADTLWC I call it. Then BOOM, it hit be like a brick last weekend – the itchy, scratchy throat, runny nose, itchy eyes. Its just hideous and I am sure that my medicine works for about 5 minutes. So I […]

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